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    Alex Kaufman

    Alex Kaufman has been a diehard Indians fan for over 20 years despite having a love/hate relationship with them at times. He has covered them for CLEsportsTalk, BIGPLAY, and now betJACK.

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    Ayden Fahlstrom

    Ayden Fahlstrom is a contributor for betJACK. A lifelong Ohio-native, Fahlstrom loves writing about his favorite teams in his downtime.

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    Barry Devoe

    Barry Devoe is a sports nut who adores the Columbus Blue Jackets and combat sports.

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    betJACK Training Camp

    betJACK Training Camp is the best bet to learn sports betting! Learn all the sports betting lingo and ace your first bets.

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    Cole Paganelli

    Cole Paganelli is an Ohio-transplant by way of the University of Toledo. Cole grew up a Yankees fan, but has newfound roots in Ohio and loves catching ballgames at Progressive Field and Great American Ballpark.

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    Danny Cunningham

    Danny Cunningham is a staff writer for ESPN Cleveland and betJACK.

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    Drew Thirion

    Cleveland, Ohio State, and gambling guy. Make sure to follow my picks (responsibly).

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    Grant Puskar

    A die-hard in the Cleveland sports writing and podcasting world, with a passion to share his takes to the world.

  • Ian Jameson


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    Jordan Klimack

    Jordan Klimack is a sports producer for ESPN Cleveland and a staff contributor for betJACK.

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    Jordan Knabb

    A lifelong Cleveland sports fan, Jordan has spent the last 15+ years watching sports, analyzing futures markets and betting everything from March Madness to Russian Table Tennis. Jordan specializes in NCAAB and spends every opening round weekend in Las Vegas in the front row of the sportsbook. When he’s not in front of multiple tv’s following the day’s action, you can find him on the nearest golf course or at home annoying his wonderful girlfriend and their cat, Rae.

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    Kole Emplit

    My name is Kole Emplit, i’m a junior at the Ohio State University. I love to write and I do broadcast on the radio and for BTN+. Always looking for great opportunities!

  • Kurt Blakeway

    Kurt Blakeway is a sports betting writer for betJACK

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    Mac Blank

    Mac is a graduate of the Westminster College Class of 2018 where he played all four years and lettered under Head Coach Scott Benzel. Mac is also currently a Co-Host of Down With The Browns podcast.

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    Micah Greenhill

    Micah is a lifelong Reds fan who grew up watching games at Cinergy Field with his family. A recent MBA graduate, Micah has always had a passion for data analytics and uses his understanding of big data to better understand and appreciate what is happening on the baseball diamond and in the front office. When he's not watching baseball, you can find Micah and his wife frequenting different restaurants and coffee shops in the area. For questions and inquiries, please reach out to

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    Nick Pedone

    Nick Pedone is a sports media professional born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. After graduating from Kent State's School of Media and Journalism, Nick has worked as a producer for ESPN Cleveland and a freelance sports journalist. He's now a content creator for betJACK.

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    Rod Bluhm

    Rod was born in Cleveland and has been a Browns fan since the days of Brian Sipe. He has covered the Browns as VP of Cleveland Sports Talk, Director of Written Content for and now for betJACK. Rod has hosted The Browns Blitz podcast weekly since 2019.

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    Ryan Knuppel

    Ryan Knuppel is a contributor for betJACK.

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    Sam Frohman

    Sam Frohman is a young professional from Cincinnati, OH who is starting off his early sportswriting career as a content writer for Knup Sports and betJACK. He played soccer at Ohio State University and wanted to stay involved with sports analysis as part of his career. He graduated with a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Business from Ohio State. Frohman is looking to grow his sportswriting career as he gains more experience in the field.

  • Tony Battalio


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    Tony Pesta

    Tony Pesta is a Cavs contributor for betJACK.

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    Tyler Vaysman

    Tyler Vaysman is a contributor for betJACK. Tyler graduated from THE Ohio State University and is a proud Buckeye that loves odds and math. O-H!

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    Willie Lutz

    Willie Lutz covers the Bengals for betJACK. He also covers Cincinnati for Last Word on NFL.