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Betting on Ohio’s Top Athletes

Home to some of the greatest sports teams in the world, Ohio has a rich tradition of producing top athletes. With sturdy grassroots programs and a professional touch to even amateur sports, the Buckeye State has been a conveyor belt of sporting icons. Jesse Owens, Jack Nicklaus, LeBron James, Simone Biles, Stephen Curry, James Harrison, AJ Hawk... the list goes on, and it's inspiring to say the least. 

Besides these top professional athletes, Ohio has a legacy of producing outstanding college athletes like Troy Smith, Greg Oden, Jerry Lucas, Archie Griffin, and so on. Why wouldn't they get all these greats coming through when they consistently put out the most desirable college programs in the country?

While the culture of sports itself is huge in Ohio, the fact that the state is willing to invest money to the benefit of the program ensures an unending line of talented male and female athletes.So, when you have this much talent and these many sports teams in a state, it's only that you get in on some betting action, and for that, you'll want to read this primer on how to bet on the top athletes in the Buckeye State.

Former Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James stands during game against Golden State Warriros

Betting on the Top Athletes - Types of Bets

Moneyline Betting

Moneyline bets are a great way to test the waters, especially if you're a novice. Essentially, you wager on the direct outcome of the game, pitting the 'favorites' against the 'underdogs.' The favorites are accompanied by a negative number, the underdogs get a positive number, and the odds are offered on expected returns on a $100 wager. 

For example, if Lebron James' Los Angeles Lakers are given odds of +200 to go the distance against Stephen Curry's Golden State Warriors, it means that a bet of $100 will fetch you $200 should the Lakers win. On the contrary, if the Warriors, whose corresponding odds are -500 to defeat the Lakers, you have to wager $500 to make $100. In both cases, winners get their initial wager back in addition to the amount won - the total of the profit and the stake is called the payout.

Or you can place a bet on the Cleveland Cavaliers to win against the Boston Celtics. Should Cleveland have the odds set at +600 as opposed to Celtics' -500, you will make $600 on a $100 wager for Cleveland but win only $100 should you bet $500 on the Celtics to come away with a win. 

Point Spreads

Simply put, point spreads are handicaps offered to narrow the gap between the favorites and the underdogs. Point spreads also allow bettors to back both sides with an even chance of a decent payout.

For instance, let's say Taylor Decker's Detroit Lions are given a -11 spread by the oddsmakers against Bradley Roby's New Orleans Saints. For a successful bet, the Lions will have to defeat the Saints by a margin of more than 11 points. In the case of the Saints, they need to either win the game or lose by fewer than 11 points for their bet to be profitable. 

Total Score Bets

Also referred to as Over/ Under bets, totals bets are great fun because you get to pick how many points the teams will score by the end of the game. 

For example, in a game between LeBron's Lakers and Curry's Warriors, the oddsmakers can set the aggregate points line at 170. Your task is to predict if the aggregate score at the end of the game will be over or under that predetermined number. 

Prop Bets

Prop bets, or proposition bets, are thoroughly engaging because you can turn any moment of a game into a fun betting exercise. These bets rarely affect the outcome of the game because they focus on individual aspects of the matchup, unlike some of the earlier bets. They're also the most direct way you can bet on top athletes and the feats they are likely to achieve on the field or on the court.

Examples can be: How many points will Katie Smith put up by half-time? How many tackles will Taylor Decker have completed by the end of the third? How many threes will Steph Curry make in the game? Can LeBron James complete a triple-double? The possibilities are endless, as is the opportunity for fun. 


Parlays are multi-level bets that need a lot of attention, but once you get a feel for them, you stand to collect handsome payouts. It's essentially the ability to bundle events, propositions, or even games into a single with massive odds rather than small bets with short odds. Only that you have to win each of these mini-bets to win the overall bet. 

For instance, you can place $100 on Steph Curry's Warriors to defeat LeBron James' Lakers and pick the Cleveland Cavaliers to defeat the Miami Heat. With an increase in the odds, there is a big payout should you win the bet, but both the Warriors and the Cavaliers have to win in this instance for a payout. The odds, which are compounded, will be calculated by converting each leg into decimals and multiplying them. 


These bets are all about having a little faith in a team that you think will go the distance in an event. It's like betting on the Cincinnati Reds to win the title, but you make this pick before the start of the season. 

Or picking LeBron James to top the scoring sheets for the upcoming season or picking Taylor Decker to finish the season as the MVP. Since you get to bet on these odds from as early as pre-season, in some cases, you stand a good chance of making significant profits.