Soccer World Cup Odds and Betting | Complete Bettor Guide

Soccer World Cup Odds and Betting

The FIFA World Cup is the premier competition in international soccer. It’s taken place every four years since 1930 and is usually the most watched televised event in the world. Besides being an exhibition of some of the finest athletes globally, the World Cup also symbolizes the solidarity and harmony shared between the world nations. 

There aren’t many other events of this kind where cultures come together in such a manner. The book Soccernomics by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski even undertook a study that concluded the month when the soccer World Cup takes place is one of the happiest isolated periods that the world undergoes. 

Of course, few things can be as fun as betting on a sport to enjoy the full extent of its ups and downs, and this guide explains how you can get involved in the World Cup action. Before we move into soccer odds, let’s understand how the tournament is structured.