Cleveland Prepares for the Fight: Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley

Cleveland Prepares for the Fight: Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley

Jordan Klimack
2 years ago
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Cleveland Prepares for the Fight: Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley

Over the past two years, Cleveland has played host to the MLB All-Star Game and the NFL Draft. 

This beautiful city that we call home has displayed its passion for sports and ability to host big events. 

Cleveland has shown its ability to leave visitors shouting is support of their new-found love… 

“This place isn’t so bad after all.” “These people sure love their sports.”

That we do. 

So, why not bring boxing to Cleveland?

On August 29th, Cleveland native, Jake Paul, will take on Combat Sports Legend, Tyron Woodley, in a boxing match.

The event will take place at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

Is this a real fight? 

In fact, it is a real fight. 

This is a sanctioned boxing match that is scheduled for eight rounds. 

Much different than the Logan Paul – Floyd Mayweather “fight” which was unsanctioned. 

That fight did not have an announced winner or official scoring system in place. 

Since the Nate Robinson fight, Paul has been taking on tougher opponents. His last fight came in April against former UFC fighter, Ben Askren. 

Paul knocked out Askren that night. 

Like Askren, Woodley is a former UFC fighter turned boxer. Although, Woodley had much more success than Askren, when it comes to the UFC. Woodley’s UFC career, however, ended painfully for the 39-year old. 

After losing his Welterweight Title to Kamaru Usman, in 2019, Woodley has lost all three of his fights since then. The most recent being a loss to Vincente Luque, in March. 

This is boxing and not UFC. 

So, what does that mean for Woodley going up against Jake Paul, who does have experience boxing. 

In July, I had the pleasure of sitting down with both Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley for exclusive interviews on 850 ESPN Cleveland’s The Next Level. 

I asked Woodley “beyond this fight, is boxing a part of your career you’ve always wanted to pursue?” 

Woodley responded, “Absolutely, I’ve been training to be a boxer my entire life.” 

So, like Jake Paul, boxing is nothing new to Tyron Woodley. 

The odds, however, are interesting. 

Jake Paul comes in as the favorite to win at -156 (bet $156 to win $100). 

Tyron Woodley is listed as the dog at +150 (bet $100 to win $150). 

Both fighters told me in July that they expect win in a knockout. 

I, too, expect this fight to end in a knockout. 

Who knocks out who? 

Tough to say, but I do not expect an early-round knockout. I expect a late-round knockout. This should be a great fight. 

In the end, I do believe that the favorite, Jake Paul, will knock out Tyron Woodley and take his boxing career to the next level. 

Cleveland, you might love him. 

You might hate him. 

But you must admit, the man is entertaining. 

I’ll see you at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse on August 29th.

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