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How to Bet on Cincinnati Reds

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Cincinnati Reds prospect Noelvi Marte plays during fall baseball game

How to Bet on Cincinnati Reds - Types Of Bets

The MLB is one of the big four leagues in North America, which means betting on the Cincinnati Reds is a ubiquitous part of baseball wagering. Here are some of the ways you can bet on the Reds:

Moneyline Bets

The simplest betting method is picking the winner of any game involving the Reds. A bettor simply has to pick whether the Reds will be leading at the end of nine innings (or more if there is overtime). Due to the highly competitive nature of the MLB, odds are typically more or less even between teams. 

Run Line Bets

The run line is a bet unique to the sport of baseball. In essence, you need to decide whether the Reds will cover the spread, which is measured in terms of runs scored. Let us depict this using an example. If the Cincinnati Reds are playing host to the Atlanta Braves as favorites, the run line will be represented as Reds (-1.5) with accompanying odds.

In this case, a bettor would have to select whether the Reds will win that game by two or more runs (to cover the spread) or the Braves will prevent the Reds from covering the spread by limiting their loss to one or fewer runs. 


Moneyline odds

Run line odds

Cincinnati Reds


-1.5 (+100)

Atlanta Braves


+1.5 (-120)

Over/Under Bets

This is a popular alternative choice to the moneyline or the run line bet in baseball. Sportsbooks will set a handicap, which bettors can use as a benchmark to bet whether the combined run score of both teams will be either over or under that handicap. This handicap will always vary based on several factors, such as batting proficiency, on-base percentage, and the strength of the pitcher matchup. 

MLB Prop Bets

Prop bets in the MLB are fascinating because of the variety of factors included in making bets. If you’re wondering about how to bet on the Cincinnati Reds, there are always prop bets that could whet your betting appetite. 

Some of these prop bets include how many strikeouts a pitcher could get, how many home runs a particular player may hit, or even how many times a player gets on base. 

MLB Outrights And Futures

If bettors are interested in some longer-term bets, then the outright and futures markets are perfect. In the MLB, there are two main futures markets to bet on: the eventual winner of the entire season and the winner of each division. Since the Cincinnati Reds participate in the NL Central division, a futures bet could be whether the Reds will be able to complete the division win ahead of the World Series. 

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