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How to Bet on Cleveland Guardians

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How to Bet on Cleveland Guardians - Types of Bets

There are several ways to bet on the Guardians, such as wagering on the winner of a game, a series, or even on a starting pitcher. We delve deeper into the details of how to bet on the Cleveland Guardians below:

Moneyline Bets

When it comes to how to be on the Cleveland Guardians, a moneyline bet is a simple wager on the winner of a game. The moneyline market is arguably the most popular because your only concern is which team ends the match as the winner. If you’re certain that the Guardians will win a game but unsure of the margin of victory, then the moneyline bet is ideal. 

Run Line Bets

This is an alternate option to the moneyline but includes a higher degree of risk. This is because a bettor would be betting on the margin of victory, as well as the winning team.

For example, in a run line market between the Cleveland Guardians and the New York Mets, a bettor would be betting on whether the Guardians can win by more than one run (assuming Cleveland is a favorite and the handicap for the run line is -1.5). The odds are higher for such a market to adequately compensate a bettor for that increased risk. Here’s what an MLB run line might look like:


Moneyline odds

Run line odds

Cleveland Guardians


-1.5 (+115)

New York Mets


+1.5 (-135)

Over/Under Bets

If there is a starting pitcher in form who has been well-rested, has a high strikeout tally, and a favorable ERA (Earned Run Average), then the under becomes an attractive bet. And the converse is true for a pitcher out of form. The over and under for the MLB is one of the most technical markets in betting because it includes several intricate factors, such as the weight of the ball. It might not be the easiest starting point when it comes to how to bet on the Cleveland Guardians.

MLB Prop Bets

A prop bet (or a proposition bet) is usually a bet not tied to the outcome of a game. This is also a technical bet as it involves some knowledge of the intricacies of the sport. For example, there are prop bets on how many strikeouts the starting pitcher will manage. In baseball, a starting pitcher is replaced by a reliever toward the end of a game. Hence, it is important to know which pitcher is starting for the Guardians before placing a prop bet.

MLB Outrights And Futures

The futures market, with respect to the Guardians, is a simple bet on whether the team can either win the division title (in this case, the American League Central division) or the World Series. There is a disparity in risk between both of those futures, and so the odds massively differ, too. 

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