Can the Bucks Close Out the 2021 NBA Finals Tonight?

Can the Bucks Close Out the 2021 NBA Finals Tonight?

Cole Paganelli
3 years ago
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Can the Bucks Close Out the 2021 NBA Finals Tonight?

July 20, 2021, could be a historic day in the NBA. The Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks will play Game 6, and it may well be the final game of what has been a long year. It began three days before Christmas and is going to be ending in late July. That is what the pandemic did, but things have rolled on.

Up 3-2 and at home, this might be in for the Bucks. They have a legitimate chance to claim their first title in 50 years, and so, here are some of the reasons as to why.

Home Court Advantage

In the 2021 playoffs, the Bucks have had 10 hone games. They have posted a 9-1 record in those thus far, with a 48-point night from Trae Young getting them that loss. Atlanta could not, of course, knock them out, going 1-4 in the five games that would follow in that series.

Milwaukee has won their last four home playoff games since. They won three against the Nets and could be looking to do the same against the Suns now. Phoenix had been undefeated in game 4’s prior to losing on the road. And in game 5, the Bucks won at home to steal home court.

The fact is that the crowd goes crazy in support, Giannis Antetokounmpo makes more FT’s at home, and Khris Middleton shoots it more effectively. There is a real difference there versus road games.

The Dynamic Duo is Ready

Giannis has made so many big clutch plays in the series. He blocked DeAndre Ayton’s alley-oop basket to hold his team’s lead. He had the alley-oop dunk of his own in the last game off of an incredible Jrue Holiday steal. And he has hit so many timely hoops.

Middleton has missed 247 playoff shots. Devin Booker for comparison has missed 248. But he has made so many big ones. He leads the postseason with 59 threes made and will likely be able to knock at least a few more down in game 6.

Both of these guys are dominant not only on offense but on D as well. These guys are good enough to lift their team alone. But the good news is that they have another weapon that is unmatched.

The Jrue Holiday Effect

When Jrue Holiday is guarding the other team’s best player, they struggle. He plays such tight D that he makes life so hard for the whole time they are matched up. It is never perfect as he is an inconsistent shooter, but after game 5, his confidence is at an all-time high.

Holiday is such a talented player that acquiring him and paying him was a no-brainer. The difference between him and Bledsoe is absolutely massive. And he is here to help bring a title to Milwaukee, a thing that has not happened since 1971. Phoenix has never won a title, and it looks like it may fail to happen yet again.

Paul and D Book are tremendous. But they are not enough. The Bucks can do it. They have enough.

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