Why Jake Paul Will Defeat Tyron Woodley: Paul vs. Woodley Betting Prediction

Why Jake Paul Will Defeat Tyron Woodley: Paul vs. Woodley Betting Prediction

Barry Devoe
3 years ago
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Why Jake Paul will beat Tyron Woodley: Paul vs. Woodley Betting Prediction

Jake Paul will be facing up against Tyron Woodley for his fourth ever boxing match on August 29th in Cleveland, OH. He is 3-0 with three knockouts against AnEsonGib in the 1st round by TKO, Nate Robinson in the 2nd round by KO, and Ben Askren in the 1st round by TKO.

Tyron Woodley is 19-7-1 in his MMA career, as this will be his professional boxing debut. He had nine knockouts in his career and is looking to build his resume with his first win in the boxing world. Let’s dive into why Jake Paul will come out victorious against Tyron Woodley.


Jake Paul stands at 6 feet 1 inch. Woodley is only 5 feet 9 inches which is a huge difference in boxing. Paul also has the advantage on reach by 2 inches with 76 inches compared to Woodley’s 74.

This was the same case for Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather. Logan was much bigger than Floyd, and although Floyd probably won that fight, it was a big struggle for Floyd to fight someone that big and with that far of a reach.


Although Jake Paul has only had three previous boxing matches before this, he has had three more experiences in the boxing world than Woodley does. Boxing experience is much different from MMA, and the talent doesn’t always transfer over because the technique is very different.

By now, Paul has enough experience where he is probably much more comfortable in the ring now. Another notable fight where an MMA fighter tried to make the jump to boxing was when Connor McGregor fought Floyd Mayweather, and we all know how that went for McGregor.

Boxing Gloves

Along with the boxing experience comes practice with actual boxing gloves. MMA fighters are used to the 4-ounce gloves as opposed to the 8-to-10-ounce gloves that they will be using during this boxing match.

Although Woodley has a strong right hand, combinations are so important to be able to overpower your opponent. Woodley is not known for his combinations in MMA, and he will continue to struggle with these with heavier gloves.

McGregor has gotten the chance to spar with some of the top boxers around the world. Although Woodley has gotten some months to train, it will not be enough time to overcome this obstacle.

Paul’s Claim of Inside Knowledge

You can’t take everything Jake Paul says as if it’s the truth, but he did state that he has some inside information on Woodley’s technique ahead of the fight. Paul stated that his coach is close to Woodley’s and that this will give him the upper hand.

Jake Paul went on to say that he is guaranteeing a knockout within three rounds.

Paul’s Confidence

This leads to the last point that Paul has talked the talk and has backed it up with action. Whether you agree with Paul’s tactic to talk big and get into opponents’ heads, he is undefeated and hasn’t had a close fight yet.

His confidence will be able to give him the advantage against Woodley, who seems confident but not the level of Jake Paul. The confidence and comfortability in the ring will be able to allow Paul to box with no fears, which is important in boxing because success in boxing is both skill and mentality.

Paul has the mentality which will prove to be too much for the much older Woodley.


This should be a great contest between two fighters who have guaranteed knockouts against their opponent. Woodley will be Jake Paul’s best contender yet, but Paul’s physical and mental advantages will carry him to victory over Woodley on Sunday.

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