Explaining No Run First Inning: Baseball's Most Popular Prop Bet

Explaining No Run First Inning: Baseball's Most Popular Prop Bet

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2 years ago
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Baseball is a game that lends itself to having great prop betting opportunities, and focusing on first inning runs is one of the best bets to make.

If you are going to do any prop betting on baseball, then this is a betting option that you will see a lot of. All that is required for this bet is to simply choose that no runs will be scored in the first inning. 

When you are looking at the list of MLB games available to bet on each day, you will see that this prop bet is usually featured. 

An advantage of making this bet is that the outcome will happen quickly, within the first six outs of the game, and then you can use your winnings to place additional bets on that MLB game.

How It’s Done

After you have found this as a wagering option, the next step will be looking at the full slate of games available on that particular day. The betJACK Training Camp sportsbook has every single MLB game that you can bet on for free.

When you go to place this bet, it will look a little bit different than some of the other betting options.

Once you are within the game and see all of the prop bet options, select the first inning and "UNDER 0.5," indicating that you are betting no runs in the first inning. Each game will have different odds based on how the sportsbooks think the first inning will play out.

No Run First Betting Tips

If you are going to bet on no runs in the first inning, then there are some things you need to remember. The most important tip is only to use your standard unit and don’t ever try to think that this is a sure thing.

Baseball games don’t tend to have a lot of scoring happen in the first inning, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen. You will want to look at recent trends for each team in a game before making this bet, and you don’t ever want to place it until the lineups are posted.

Perhaps the most important thing to look at when making this bet is the starting pitching matchup. A game that features a pair of aces set to take the mound will usually have less scoring than a game that has fifth starters on the mound. 

You can also make a parlay with this type of bet, and that’s a pretty good idea to do as well. Pick two or three games that you feel comfortable in to combine, and your payout will be much larger than it would be if you simply bet on one game. 

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