Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Preview: Why Floyd Mayweather Will Defeat Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Preview: Why Floyd Mayweather Will Defeat Logan Paul

Cole Paganelli
2 years ago
2 min read

Floyd Mayweather (50-0) will face Logan Paul (0-1) Sunday, June 6th, 2021, at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. 

According to Mayweather, he has one key factor that will ensure his hand is raised in victory, and that is simply “show up.” It is hard to argue with Mayweather on that point as he will be facing a YouTuber turned boxer with only one professional bout, which was a loss against fellow social media influencer KSI.

The advantages Logan will have over Mayweather are clear; he will be bigger, taller, and younger. It’s hard to imagine Mayweather has not sparred professional boxers with all three of these attributes in leading up to this fight or at any point in his career. Mayweather has historically kept sparring footage top secret, but we can assume Mayweather would be able to neutralize any advantage a fighter has.

Floyd Mayweather Betting Favorite

He is the best defensive fighter in the history of boxing; in his 50 pro fights, he has never been dropped and has been caught with a clean power shot only a handful of times. In his last pro fight versus MMA superstar Connor McGregor, Mayweather allowed the MMA fighter to come at him. He even put on a show for the fans before breaking McGregor down and fatiguing him into the late-round before stopping him via TKO. McGregor is no pro boxer, but I find it hard to believe Logan’s skill set is superior to McGregor at this point.

Mayweather has been in the ring with some of the greats Pacquaio, Maidana, Alvarez, Cotto, Mosley, Marquez, De la Hoya, to name a few. Mayweather is the money man of boxing, owning the sports top PPV viewership rankings. The attention and bright lights will not phase him as he will be in his comfort zone, and he thrives off the attention, both positive and negative. 

Logan Paul's Inexperience

In his first fight against KSI, Logan blamed the loss on an adrenaline dump before the fight as the hype of the fight may have gotten to him. The stakes will only get bigger for this bout even though Logan has stated he has nothing to lose. But the world will be watching, adding to the pressure. 

This will be Mayweather's second exhibition since announcing his retirement, with the last being a knockout finish of Japanese kickboxing star Tensin Nasukawa in 2018. The three-round exhibition bout left the Rizin kicking champion in tears as Mayweather knocked him down three times, forcing Tensin’s corner to throw in the towel. 

Boxing is just as much mental as it is physical, and Mayweather is a genius when it comes to boxing. He has grown up in the sport; his wisdom and ring generalship cannot be overcome no matter how hard and serious Logan has taken the sport over the past year. Credit to Logan for taking this fight and risking becoming the next internet meme. The payday will surely be worth the beating he is likely to take.

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