Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Betting Preview: Boxing Odds & Prediction

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Betting Preview: Boxing Odds & Prediction

Barry Devoe
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Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Betting Preview: Boxing Odds & Prediction

The Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley fight will be on Sunday, August 29th, at the Rocket Mortgage Field House in Cleveland. The preliminary fights will begin around 8:00 p.m. EST as that is when the pay-per-view broadcast on Showtime will go live. The main event between Paul and Woodley is expected to start around 12:00 a.m. EST depending on the duration of the preliminary contests.

The agreed-upon weight class is 190 pounds, which was Paul’s weight during the Ben Askren fight. Tyron Woodley fought in the UFC at the 170-pound weight class.

Betting Odds

The oddsmakers have been favoring the YouTube star, Paul, from the beginning as a -139 favorite initially. Woodley’s odds were at +100. This was giving Jake Paul a 58.2 percent chance to win the fight.

Now, the odds have shifted to make Jake Paul a -200 favorite and Woodley at +162. This states that Paul has a 66.7 percent chance to continue his undefeated streak as compared to Woodley taking the upset at 38.2 percent.

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Boxing Backgrounds

Jake Paul

The 24-year-old American stands at 6 feet 1 inch with a reach of 76 inches. Paul is 3-0 with three knockouts against AnEsonGib in the first round, Nate Robinson in the second round, and Ben Askren in the first round. He has never had to fight longer than 2 minutes and 18 seconds.

Tyron Woodley

Woodley is 15 years older than Paul at only 5 feet 9 inches, weighing with a reach of 74 inches. This will be Tyron Woodley’s first professional boxing match as he is an MMA fighter with a record of 19-7 with seven knockouts.

Case for Jake Paul

Jake Paul will have the home ring advantage as he is from Westlake, Ohio. It is anticipated that most of the crowd will be backing him in the fight. This will be Paul’s fourth boxing match, but Woodley should not be a huge challenge for the YouTube boxer.

Woodley hasn’t had a boxing match yet and is getting into his older years. Paul has about four inches, more reach, and more boxing experience than Woodley, even though Jake Paul has only had three boxing matches before this. Woodley has lost in his four last fights and is no longer with the UFC, which shows that his age is catching up to him.

Paul is used to fighting at this weight class, unlike Woodley, who normally fights 20 pounds lighter, which should make Paul more comfortable than Woodley in the ring. His power and quickness as a 24-year-old may prove to be too much for Tyron Woodley.

Case for Tyron Woodley

Although Jake Paul has more boxing experience, Woodley has much more fighting experience overall. This experience should be able to help Woodley gauge the fight better than Paul’s first three opponents.

Woodley has never been known for his striking, but he has the most power that Jake Paul has ever boxed against. Woodley may try to extend the fight to the later rounds to get Paul to a point he has never been to before in the later rounds.

Woodley had an unbeaten streak from 2014-2018 when he got the welterweight title. He will be looking to get back to his winning ways to give Jake Paul his first loss in his short boxing career.

Fight Card

The full fight card includes Tommy Fury vs. Anthony Taylor, Daniel Dubois vs. Jose Cusumano, Ivan Baranchyk vs. Montana Love, and Amanda Serrano vs. Yamileth Mercado with Paul vs. Woodley as the headliner. Also, fellow unbeaten Cleveland-native Charles Conwell will face off with unbeaten Juan Carlos Rubio in a non-PPV bout.


This rivalry and fight were created with an altercation that happened during and after Paul’s fight with Askren. Both Paul and Woodley have promised that they will knock the other fighter out in this fight.

This will be a tough fight to call as Woodley is a very experienced fighter in the MMA, but Paul has boxed before and has a lot of power in his punches as he has knocked out each person he has fought in the first or second rounds. You can expect that this fight will be exciting nonetheless as both fighters are not fond of the other and will be looking to attack early to achieve a knockout.

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