Most Fun Baseball Bets To Learn For 2022 MLB Season

Most Fun Baseball Bets To Learn For 2022 MLB Season

Cole Paganelli
2 years ago
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Paul Goldschmidt of the St. Louis Cardinals trots the bases after hitting a home run in Spring Training from Jupiter, FL.

The MLB season is one week away, which means it’s time to start getting ready to bet. Baseball betting takes a special person because the game is slow. However, if you hang in throughout the game, you will be rewarded with money.

There are numerous markets in baseball that vary compared to other sports. These markets are what make baseball betting so fun. Let’s get into some of the most fun bets to learn for the 2022 MLB season.

First 5 Innings

If you are in the group of people that struggles to watch a full baseball game, I suggest you try betting on the first five innings of a game. This is similar to betting a first-half spread or total in football or basketball.

All sportsbooks cover the money line, run line, and total in the first five innings. Most starting pitchers are going five to six innings in 2022, so this also helps when it comes to research. You often do not have to examine the bullpen besides a wing or two, barring the starter gets blown up.

First five innings bets are great because you can quickly turn a profit and not wait to cash a ticket throughout a full game.

The Adjusted Run Line

The run line is an exciting bet because it adds value to favorites. In baseball, favorites typically do not have much value on the money line. The one way to add value is by taking them on the run line or the adjusted run line.

The standard run line is +/- 1.5. This means a team needs to win by one run or be within a run for your bet to hit.

It’s just like the puck line in hockey. If the Dodgers are playing the Diamondbacks, the standard run line will be 1.5.

However, you can adjust the run line to whatever number you would like to heighten the odds. If you believe the Dodgers could win by four runs, you can make this bet on all sportsbooks.

Player Props

Player props are great in baseball because it’s a sport predicated on individuals. The riskier you get with these bets, the more you have a chance of cashing props. You can bet on hits, homers, extra base hits, etc. when it comes to offensive players.

For pitchers, there are a variety of other markets you can wager. You can bet on their strikeout totals if you think a pitcher will have a dominant night. If you think they will be bombed, take the under!

You can also bet on the number of hits a pitcher will give up in a game. Anything is possible depending on how your sportsbooks operate.

Live Bets

Live bets in baseball are great because the game is slow. This gives you time to think as odds change with every pitch.

Live bets vary in baseball, but they can be as small as a single at-bat. This makes the game very exciting and engages bettors for all nine innings.

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