Parlay All Day & Betting Guide: June 13th, 2023

Parlay All Day & Betting Guide: June 13th, 2023

Grant Puskar
1 year ago
1 min read
Members of the Golden Knights on the sideline during game against Panthers

It's the year of the Game 5's. 

The Denver Nuggets got the job done last night, and now it's time for the Golden Knights to get it done at home too. 

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June 13th, 2023 Parlay All Day:

Golden Knights moneyline

Twins moneyline

Royals moneyline

Odds: +443 ($500 bet pays $2,712)

As mentioned above, it's the year for the Game 5, and the year for both teams to get the job done at home. 

The Twins and Royals are both home as well, so we can call it the "home parlay" if you will. 

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