Showcasing Fringe Top 100 Prospects in the Indians Organization

Showcasing Fringe Top 100 Prospects in the Indians Organization

Drew Thirion
3 years ago
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Showcasing Fringe Top 100 Prospects in the Indians Organization

Despite all the “doom and gloom” centered around Progressive Field this year, the team formally known as the Indians has a bright future ahead of themselves. 

As of now, MLB ranked the Indians as the 13th best farm system in the majors. Tyler Freeman, George Valera, Nolan Jones, Gabriel Arias, and Daniel Espino all fill out rolls on the MLB top 100, which gives the Tribe the third most players on that list. 

Cleveland doesn’t have a prospect inside the MLB top 50, so their overall ranking is lower than it actually should be. Not only that, but I believe we will see the most results from guys outside the top 100. Here’s a breakdown of some of my favorite prospects in the Indians’ farm system. 

Brayan Rocchio (INF)-AA

No player has had as smooth of a swing in our minor leagues since Francisco Lindor. Really, Rocchio’s entire game seems to mirror that of Lindor. They’re both switch-hitting infielders that have late setups in their swings and tons of natural power.

Through two minor league organizations in 2021, Rocchio is slashing .264/.339/.443 with 13 home runs and an additional 16 stolen bases. Also, his defense which was graded as “above average”, has begun to look borderline elite recently.

Rocchio’s age is a huge factor when looking at him as a hitter as well. He only turned 20 this year, and while many players will be vying for a shot at the starting shortstop position in 2022, Francona has to be willing to give him an opportunity if Arias and Andres Giminez fail to live up to their lofty expectations.

Logan T. Allen (LHP)-AA

Don’t get it twisted, Logan T. Allen is not the same pitcher as Logan S. Allen. This one is a heck of a lot better.

Selected in the second round of the 2020 draft out of FIU, Allen has shot his way through the Indians’ farm system. He’s already made starts in AA this season and is projected to start 2022 in AAA Columbus.

Cleveland might have a few guys with higher ceilings than Logan T. Allen, but not many of them feel as sure of bets as this guy would be. He has a K/9 over 10 and WHIP that’s under 1. He’s everything you want out of a starting pitcher. He strikes people out and doesn’t put many guys on the base path.

My only concern with Allen is his fastball. At best, his heater will only top out at 94-95 but will usually sit under 93 MPH. A lot of scouts see that he could have command issues, and if he isn’t locating a slow fastball, he will be watching a lot of baseballs get taken to the moon.

Luckily, with a walk rate of under 3 per nine innings, I don’t think we will have much to worry about when he eventually makes his major league debut.

Bryan Lavastida (C)-AA

Why is nobody talking about Bryan Lavastida? He’s the second-highest-rated catching prospect in the Indians organization, but let me make a case for him being No. 1.

Here are two blind slash line and home run numbers.

.308/.398/.475 with 7 HR

.187/.287/.347 with 9 HR

The top line is Lavastida and the bottom line is the Indians’ sixth best prospect Bo Naylor. Maybe I love Bryan because I’m not sold on Naylor. And defensively speaking, Lavastida still has tons of work ahead of him.

In 2018, Lavastida made the switch from third base to catcher, and it may have saved his career. Middle-infielders are a dime-a-dozen, but catchers that hit over .300 are essentially Big Foot. They aren’t real!

Switching to catcher later in your career might become the thing of the future. Since the success story of JT Realmuto, many teams have been looking for catchers with fewer miles on their knees and better mobility. I really think the Indians have a future All-Star on their hands with Lavastida. 

Those are some of my favorite Indians prospects that need more respect. Look out for these guys in the years to come.

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