The Sports Parlor Podcast Episode 25: NFL Free Agency Preview

The Sports Parlor Podcast Episode 25: NFL Free Agency Preview

2 years ago
1 min read
Amari Cooper catches a touchdown pass in the Wild Card against San Francisco. It is rumored that Cooper will test Free Agency this offseason.

On Episode 25 of The Sports Parlor Podcast presented by betJACK, former Browns DT Phil Taylor and Nick Pedone break down the start of NFL Free Agency and the Calvin Ridley Gambling suspension. They go in detail on what this means for Calvin Ridley, the look this gives the league and its sports betting partners and why they won't stand for it happening. This is a can't miss discussion.

Then, they lock in their picks where the top free agents will go and play next. They talk a lot about why these guys are looking for new homes and why it didn't quite work at their previous destinations. Does Amari Cooper stay put and do the Browns have a shot at him? The guys give their thoughts as well as the odds behind it.

It's an action packed episode, so don't miss this week's episode of The Sports Parlor to get yourself ready for the first dose of the NFL Free Agency period as the tampering period for Free Agency starts on March 14th.

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