Three Free Agents the Reds Should Sign

Three Free Agents the Reds Should Sign

Ryan Knuppel
3 years ago
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Three Free Agents the Reds Should Sign

The Reds are coming off a season where they attempted to spend money to make it into the playoffs to make a run. Injuries, ultimately, were their downfall at the end of the season after having a great chance to make the wild card game in the second half of the season.

With departures from players like Wade Miley and Nick Castellanos, it appears that the Reds will be looking to rebuild for the next couple of years until they are able to compete on a high level again. I don’t anticipate that they will make many moves besides dumping off good players for young talent.

Let’s look at the potential free agents that the Reds could acquire for next season.

Free Agents or Trades That the Reds Could Make This Offseason

Free Agent RHP Brad Boxberger

The Reds bullpen could use some help and Boxberger could provide some veteran talent in the bullpen to help some of the younger talent develop. Joey Votto has been able to be that veteran on the offensive side to develop players like Jonathan India. Boxberger could be that guys for a struggling pitching staff.

Big Bat to Replace Nick Castellanos

The Reds may look to replace the production that Castellanos had last year, but I think this is highly doubtful with the Reds payroll and how many pieces they need to be a legitimate team next year. I could see them picking up a middle-tier option in free agency that is young and could develop into a solid player.

Reds fans would want to see another ambitious free agency period by the Reds organization, but they will be let down this year in preparation for a rebuild.

Reds Trading Away Starting Pitchers

The spot where the Reds have the most ability to make moves is with their starting pitchers. They may not get rid of anyone in the rotation, but the organization said that it will listen to offers for Luis Castillo and Sonny Gray. These players will most likely be dealt for more young talent for the rebuild.

The Reds have already traded away catcher Tucker Barnhart to the Tiger for Nick Quintana who is a young third baseman in the Minor Leagues.


Reds fans will not want to hear this, but the Reds are in for a rough next couple of years. They took some risks in the offseason last year and it almost paid off, but they missed the playoffs once again. Now, in hindsight, it looks like they took two steps back with all the departures after the season.

The one bright side is that they will get to see some future stars playing and developing in a Reds uniform. The negative elephant in the room is that Joey Votto continues getting older and will probably be on his last legs when the Reds start to become a competitive team again. That will be another issue that the Reds will have to face with a guy who has been a true Cincinnatian his whole career.

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