Updated Betting Odds to win 2021 World Series

Updated Betting Odds to win 2021 World Series

3 years ago
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We are almost one month into the MLB regular season, and the bookmakers in Vegas have already adjusted the odds for which ballclub will win the 2021 World Series. Some surprise teams have surpassed expectations, while others have started slow out of the gate.

Here is a look at the updated betting odds to win the Fall Classic as of April 30, 2021.

The Favorites

Los Angeles Dodgers +250

New York Yankees +600

San Diego Padres +800

New York Mets +800

Unsurprisingly, the defending World Series champions still remain the most likely to win it all in October. The Dodgers have started out hot out of the gate and look poised for yet another 100+ win season in 2021.

The Yankees have been an abysmal mess to start the season with virtually no pitching after ace Gerrit Cole. But the bats have started to heat up, and when last season’s home-run leader Luke Voit returns to the lineup, watch out. 

Possible Contenders

Chicago White Sox +1100

Atlanta Braves +1200

Oakland Athletics +1200

Houston Astros +1600

Toronto Blue Jays +1800

Minnesota Twins +2000

Milwaukee Brewers +2000

Boston Red Sox +2000

Tampa Bay Rays +2200

St. Louis Cardinals +2500

Cleveland Indians +3000

Los Angeles Angels +3000

Although their pitching is suspect, you can’t count out Atlanta, considering how they were only one win away from making the World Series last year. The same should be said about the Tampa Bay Rays, who still have most of the same World Series lineup from 2020 minus Blake Snell.

The Oakland Athletics have been one of the biggest stories in baseball, winning 13-straight in April after starting out 0-6. When healthy, the Houston Astros offense is among the best in baseball, and the Toronto Blue Jays are a great sleeper with budding superstars like Vladimir Guerrero Jr and Bo Bichette.

The Red Sox have shocked everyone as they currently lead the AL East thanks to a dominant offense led by J.D. Martinez. Ohio’s best team so far has been the Indians, but that doesn’t say much, considering both Cleveland and Cincinnati both possess records under .500. Cleveland only averages 3.9 runs a game so far in 2021.


Philadelphia Phillies +3300

Cincinnati Reds +3300

Washington Nationals +4000

Kansas City Royals +4500

Chicago Cubs +5000

Miami Marlins +5000

San Francisco Giants +6600

The Bryce Harper era in Philly continues to be underwhelming, but not to Harper’s fault of his own. The 28-year-old superstar is absolutely carrying the offense while the majority of the lineup has struggled mightily.

Cincinnati is a flashy team but has been inconsistent and is missing the presence of last year’s NL Cy Young winner Trevor Bauer to help compliment Sonny Gray in the rotation.

The San Francisco Giants are relevant again, thanks to veterans Evan Longoria and Buster Posey turning the clock back. Is this sustainable? Time will tell.

Not This Year

Seattle Mariners +7500

Baltimore Orioles +15000

Arizona Diamondbacks +15000

Texas Rangers +17500

Detroit Tigers +22500

Colorado Rockies +25000

Pittsburgh Pirates +25000

I am comfortable saying that there’s zero chance any of these teams make the playoffs, let alone win the World Series.

The Seattle Mariners have no business being over .500 when you look at the advanced stats, and they’ll regress like they always do as the season goes on.

The Orioles and D’Backs can hang with teams in games but will finish the season both below .500. The Rangers, Tigers, Rockies, and Pirates are easily the four worst teams in the MLB and have a lot of rebuilding to do to get back to the promised land. 

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