Updated Betting Odds to win American League MVP After One Month

Updated Betting Odds to win American League MVP After One Month

Ryan Knuppel
3 years ago
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April has come to a close, and we are moving along nicely in May within Major League Baseball. The American League has been off to a great start and even seen some surprises early in the season. The Most Valuable Player race is the one fans look at most frequently, and after a month, we have an update. Let’s look at the Updated Betting Odds to win the American League Most Valuable Player after One Month of the season:

Mike Trout +200

Through the first month of the season, this contest is not even close. A guy that has won the award before hit over .400 the first month of the season. That’s a no-brainer. While people would like to see his team improve, he is doing all he can. Trout not only has a .410 batting average but also 7 home runs and 16 runs batted in. Trout just keeps shining, even as he approaches 30 years old.

Shohei Ohtani +900

Quite the power production from Ohtani early in the season. He has clubbed 9 home runs and drove in 22 runs, and also leads the team with 6 stolen bases. Ohtani also had a betting average of 2.72 on the season. Oh, and if that is not enough - he is also a pitcher. He has started three games and struck out 23 batters, and holds a 3.29 earned run average. Showtime from Japan could be the runner-up right now behind his own teammate.

Byron Buxton +1200

Finally! This guy has been talked about for years and just has yet to pan out. The 28-year-old from Georgia is finally breaking through in a big way. Buxton has 8 home runs in 79 at-bats and has a .392 batting average to start the season. That’s quite the improvement for a guy that came into the season with a career .247 batting average and just 59 home runs in shy of 1500 at-bats. Buxton’s team - the Minnesota Twins will need to climb up the standings for him to get more consideration.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr +1500

This guy is going to win this award at some point in his career. El K is just 22 years old. The Montreal native has started with a .356 batting average in 2021 and has clubbed 7 home runs. He has made the Blue Jays a fun team to follow and one that may slug their way into the postseason. Guerrero came into this season with just over 650 at-bats and had 24 home runs in his career.

Others to Consider:

Alex Bregman +2000

Not a terrible start for the 27-year-old from Albuquerque. His stats are a little lower than the guys at the top of the list, but certainly, one to watch.

JD Martinez +2500

Martinez is one of five guys in Major League Baseball with 9 home runs on the season. He has always been a pure masher and a run producer. Martinez and his Red Sox have gotten off to a great start, which will keep him right in the thick of the conversation early on.

Yoan Moncada +3300

While his numbers are not there yet, this is a guy to watch. He can get hot and carry his underachieving White Sox team. Look out for Moncada as the season rolls along.

Enjoy the month of May in Major League Baseball! It will be interesting to see what the betting odds are when June arrives. 

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