What's The Deal With Amed Rosario?

What's The Deal With Amed Rosario?

Drew Thirion
2 years ago
3 min read
Guardians shortstop Amed Rosario celebrates after scoring against the White Sox

Amed Rosario has been a focal talking point for Guardians fans.

He’s a player with a slightly above-average hit tool, exceptional at running the bases, and a little disappointing with the glove. In interviews, he comes across as a pretty likable guy, and the whole organization consistently speaks of his leadership skills in the clubhouse. Despite all the positives Rosario brings, he seems to be the martyr for every problem the Guardians run into this season.

This week was no different as Jose Ramirez and Guardian’s sideline reporter, Andre Knott, went to bat for the soon-to-be free agent. Cleveland’s Ramirez notified Knott to get the word out there that he would like the front office to make an extension for Rosario. 

Unlike a weird group of Guardians Twitter, I love the work Andre does. He’s well-informed on the 26 guys dressed in blue and red and really loves the city of Cleveland. Andre was also great at filling in the sideline roll for the Cavs, and I wished he would’ve stayed with it full-time. 

With that being said, I just don’t get signing Rosario long-term. Many projections list Rosario as a $12-15M player, and I don’t get why. At age 26, there’s still tons of time for Rosario to improve, but eventually, you have to call a spade a spade. He’s really average.

This season has been a “career” year at the plate for Rosario, and that’s only led him to generate a slightly above league average OPS+ of 107, which is 14th for all players who have played 50 percent of their games at shortstop. He hasn’t shown many signs of improving his power either, swatting only eight long balls this year, and only hitting 11 the year prior. Not only that, but his Statcast page doesn’t really show any signs of a player underperforming from where he should be. 

So where does that leave Rosario?

I wouldn’t mind Rosario starting next season at shortstop for the Guardians, but his time is running out. Cleveland has three Top-100 prospects that can play the same position, so you’d love to see what you have in them. I’m not as high on Gabriel Arias as most are, but I do love Brayan Rocchio who was just called up to AAA Columbus. 

Rocchio is a 60-grade fielder, who would be an immediate upgrade at one of the most important defensive positions in baseball. What really catches my eye with Rocchio is his swing. He has a very pure switching hitting follow-through that looks eerily similar to another Guardian shortstop who was recently shipped off to the Mets.

I’d love to bring back Rosario as a super utility guy that could play all around the diamond, but he’s never going to be that type of player. He’s a freak athlete who struggles to play defense. He did take huge strides this year, having a positive DRS (defensive runs saved), but his OAA (outs above average), has plummeted recently into the negatives, showing he still struggles on that end.

Rosario isn’t a guy we need to pile on while we’re closing in on a playoff run, but it’s hard not to when the Cleveland media holds him up like he’s Francisco Lindor, when he’s a lot closer to being Nico Horner. I hope Amed proves me wrong and finishes this season on a tear; however, a player who struggles in high leverage situations isn’t someone I expect to turn it up a gear when it matters most.

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