Why Jake Paul Will Defeat Tyron Woodley: Paul vs. Woodley II Betting Pick

Why Jake Paul Will Defeat Tyron Woodley: Paul vs. Woodley II Betting Pick

Nick Pedone
3 years ago
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Why Jake Paul Will Defeat Tyron Woodley: Paul vs. Woodley II Betting Pick

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley are putting on the gloves again for a rematch of their August bout. 

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley II Odds

Already winning the first fight, Paul is a moderate favorite (-250) to win the rematch. Now, Paul was initially an underdog when this Tampa fight was scheduled against Tommy Fury, who backed out due to medical reasons.

Woodley is the underdog (+195) in this fight.

When these two fought the first time, Paul used his 6-foot-2 frame to his advantage, keeping separation and delivering plenty of body shots. As we know, Paul won that fight via split decision, which probably should've been unanimous.

Jake Paul's Advantage

Something that Woodley refused to give Paul in their first match is his lethal right hand.

That's what made Ben Askren and Nate Robinson viral internet memes via knockout.

If Paul somehow connects his right haymaker on the 39 year-old Woodley, this fight could be over in one punch.

On the inverse, Paul incentivized Woodley with a $500,000 knockout bonus to take this fight on short notice. I've never put the gloves on, but for half a million dollars, you better believe I'd be swinging for the highlight reel. If Woodley does that, he's older than Paul and could tire more quickly, leaving him vulnerable for a nasty blow.

Last time, Paul outlasted Woodley. This time, they both want to leave no doubt, which favors the younger, bigger boxer.

The Showtime Factor

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I can't believe anyone behind closed doors wants Paul to lose this fight. They don't want the mayhem to stop. I don't want the mayhem to stop.

On short notice, they had to sub out Fury, a real boxer, for Woodley, a guy that Paul has already beaten. This fight doesn't have the same buzz that the first one did, and they want to get another stab at a mega event.

Love him or hate him, Jake Paul is literally intrigue on legs. Everything he touches goes viral and makes money. If boxing is truly as "rigged" as everyone says it is, there's no way Woodley wins this fight.

The Pick

Pretty simple choice here.

Anything can happen, and that's what makes combat sports great. But we have already seen this exact fight before just a few months ago.

Paul isn't getting any less cocky and Woodley, who has only the prior boxing match as experience, isn't really getting any younger or stronger. The mayhem doesn't end here.

Paul ML (-250)

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