Why Tyron Woodley Will Beat Jake Paul: Paul vs. Woodley Betting Prediction

Why Tyron Woodley Will Beat Jake Paul: Paul vs. Woodley Betting Prediction

Cole Paganelli
3 years ago
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Why Tyron Woodley Will Beat Jake Paul: Paul vs. Woodley Betting Prediction

Although Jake Paul is the favorite to beat Tyron Woodley, Woodley will come out of this matchup on top. Paul has never faced a fighter who has had as much success and experience as Woodley has. His athleticism and technique will be too much for Paul to handle.

Let’s deep dive into why Jake Paul will fall to Tyron Woodley.


Although Tyron Woodley has had no prior boxing experience, he has had time to train and translate his technique into the boxing world. There are many techniques that hold true in both sports, which indicates that Woodley’s transition is not as unfathomable as it is made out to be.

Woodley has had experience fighting and knocking out some of the best fighters in the world. Paul is used to striking early to force the knockout, but Woodley has taken these same hits or worse and can stretch Paul into the later rounds, a territory that Paul has never experienced.


There is no one denying Woodley’s athleticism. He is quick and more powerful than anyone Jake Paul has faced so far in the ring. Other MMA fighters like Randy Couture and Jorge Masvidal have seen both fighters and have backed the ex-MMA athlete, Woodley, because of his abilities to maneuver and strike better than most of the other MMA fighters that they’ve ever seen.

Woodley will be able to manage this fight much better than Paul’s previous opponents to bring the fight into the later rounds. This will be a way to see how Jake Paul’s athleticism will match up as he has only had to go to Round 2 at the latest in his three total fights.


With experience comes perfecting technique and fundamentals. Knowing what to do and when to do it is Woodley’s game. He has knocked out nine experienced MMA fighters: he knows what he is doing.

Fighting technique is the same across the two sports on a high level. There will be some manipulations that Woodley will have to make, but the foundation is already there.

Woodley has been training with some of the top fighters to give him the guidance he needs to translate his skills to become a good enough boxer to beat Jake Paul. He doesn’t need to be the best boxer ever. 

He just needs to be able to take down “amateur” boxer/YouTuber, Jake Paul.


The whole MMA is behind Tyron Woodley for reasons outside their dislike for Paul for what he has said about MMA fighters. They understand the skill it takes to get where Woodley is in the fighting world, and Paul is not on that same level.

Jake Paul assured a knockout, but so did Woodley. Paul is known for talking a lot which has some substance because he has knocked out the 3 “boxers” he has faced, but three fights don’t earn you the right to assure a knockout to one of the best MMA fighters to ever enter the octagon.

Jake Paul better be ready for the Sunday night fight because Woodley is sure to bring his “A” game. Regardless of the outcome, it should be an exciting fight filled with trash talking and two fighters looking for a knockout.

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