Guardians Win Division At (+1100); Can They Win American League With Same Odds?

Guardians Win Division At (+1100); Can They Win American League With Same Odds?

Grant Puskar
2 years ago
2 min read
Cleveland Guardians' celebrate clinching American League Central Division

The 2022 Cleveland Guardians are forever a piece of history, as they are the American League Central Division Champions of 2022 after beating the Texas Rangers on Sunday.

While that part of the history books is a massive accomplishment in and of itself, the more impressive piece of history is the fact that they did it while being the youngest team in baseball, and having the fourth lowest payroll in the entire MLB.

Their odds to win the AL Central were set at (+1100), so if you are a bettor who placed $100 on the Guardians to win the division, you are a happy camper as you are now walking away a winner of $1,100.

I can say pretty confidently that myself along with many others did not have the Guardians winning anything this season, let alone the division race.

They just seemed too young and too inexperienced to do it. Hats off to Terrry Francona and Chris Antonetti for making all the right moves to guide this team in the right direction into winning their first division crown since 2018. 

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Can They Win American League With Same Odds?

Now that the Guardians have the division all wrapped up and they have punched their ticket to the 2022 MLB Playoffs, their odds have updated to win the American League and potentially head to the World Series.

The Guardians have the same odds at (+1100) to win the American League as they did to win the AL Central. 

Winning the American League is probably a long shot, but never say never.

This team is capable of doing anything. Now that they are officially in, they are playing strictly on house money. 

Nobody wants to face the Guardians in the playoffs. Not only have they already exceeded any expectations anyone had for them this season, their entire lineup is full of hitters who are scorching hot right now, and their roation and bullpen are both up there with some of the best in the entire league.

If you're feeling that the Guardians make some noise in the playoffs and their magical season continues on late into October, it may not be a bad idea to use some tokens you may have made on the Guardians winning the division on them winning the American League. 

Buckle up Cleveland, it's going to be an October to remember. 

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