Cleveland Guardians: 3 Dream Free Agent Signings

Cleveland Guardians: 3 Dream Free Agent Signings

Grant Puskar
2 years ago
3 min read
Chicago White Sox' Jose Abreu scores a run during game against Guardians

While the World Series may have just ended not too long ago, baseball is already getting exciting again as today marks the start of a new year of free agency.

Some big-time names are hitting the market today and there will be teams eager to jump on signing some of these guys before other teams get the chance. For teams like the Guardians, now is the time to spend some money and make a splash or two. You know your young talent is really good, your starting pitching is always top-tier, and you were a game away from defeating the Yankees and advancing to the ALCS.

Despite being so much better than anyone could have imagined this season, they have a few glaring holes in their roster that need addressed in the off-season if they want to be considered legit contenders next season. Here are a few dream-signings the Guardians could make to establish themselves around the league as a legit force. 

Free Agent No. 1 - Jose Abreu

I know, bringing in a big-time name from your rival in the White Sox sounds sickening, but adding Jose Abreu to this lineup would be such a big boost.

Not only will Abreu bring some of the top power from the entire league to whichever lineup he joins, but he hits for average as well.

Having a guy like that in todays day and age of the MLB where it seems like it is one or the other and never both would be huge. Keep in mind; you have guys in the first three slots of the lineup that get on base. Adding Abreu to the cleanup spot of such a deadly first three could be extremely dangerous, and lead to tons of early leads and runs for the Guardians.

Free Agent No. 2 - Wilson Contreras

Out of the three dream signings I'm brining to the table today, adding Wilson Contreras makes the most sense for the Guardians, and it also seems to be the most likely. 

I am not sitting here and saying this will happen and will be shocked if it doesn't, but adding Contreras is something the Guardians could totally manage. 

Contreras hit .243 this past season with 22 home runs and 55 RBI. Those numbers definitely don't jump off the page, but it is a massive, massive upgrade from Austin Hedges. Even if it is just for one season, a Contreras/Naylor rotation would be awesome, and would also slowly get Bo Naylor up to speed on what the MLB is really like.

Contreras is also extremely good defensively, something the Guadians and their pitching staff is used to when it comes to their catchers. I'm not sure about you guys, but I am tired of the catcher being an automatic out in the Guardians lineup everytime it comes around.

Free Agent No. 3 - Carlos Rodon

While the Guardians overall have a really strong starting rotation, it is no secret that they could use another starting pitcher. 

Even it means dumping Aaron Civale and/or Zach Plesac, adding Rodon would be massive for not just the Guardians, but any ball club.

Again, this is a "dream scenario" piece. Thinking of a Bieber/McKenzie/Rodon/Quantrill rotation next season is nothing but a dream right now. However, these are all moves they could swing, it is just up to Chris Antonetti to make something happen. 

Rodon ended this past season with a stellar 2.88 ERA, while finishing best in the MLB when it comes to strikeouts per nine innings with 12. 

It was rumored the Guardians had expressed interest in Rodon last off-season, but now would be the perfect time to add one more top-tier arm to their starting rotation. 

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