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MLB Playoff Odds

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Cleveland Guardians outfielder Oscar Gonzalez celebrates walk-off win against the New York Yankees

How do the MLB Playoffs Work?

To understand MLB playoff odds, it’s first important to fully understand how the system works. In 2022, a new playoff system is in place for the first time in MLB, with 12 teams having a shot at making it to the World Series instead of 10.

The playoffs will be contested by the three division winners (East, Central, and West) and three wildcard teams from each division. The wildcard game will no longer be played, and a new seeding system will be in place to determine who makes the playoffs. 

MLB Futures Bets: Playoff Odds Explained

Throughout the regular season, every team hopes to make it to the playoffs, as it provides them with a shot at the most coveted prize in baseball - The World Series. As such, sports bettors can back MLB teams to make it to the playoffs from the very start of the season and even before a ball is pitched.

Alongside league pennant odds and World Series winner odds, MLB playoff odds are among the most popular futures bets bettors can make in baseball. 

You can access the best odds before a ball is pitched, so it’s worth backing specific teams to make the playoffs as early as possible. After all, the odds will change when the action gets underway to reflect a team’s form and performance. For instance, if the Guardians start the season with three wins on the bounce, their odds of making the playoffs will shorten, which is why placing your bets at the start of the season is a good idea. 

MLB End-of-Season Betting on the Playoffs 

In addition to betting on who you think will make the MLB playoffs, you can also bet on many markets when the end-of-season playoffs are underway. Obvious markets include who will make it through to the World Series, while you can also put together a multi-team parlay based on who you think will win the playoff fixtures.

There are also a host of team and player prop bets available during the playoff fixtures, ensuring that you can keep things interesting as your team battles it out for a shot at the World Series crown. 

Recap: MLB Playoff Odds

The purpose of the regular season MLB fixtures is to determine who will make it to the playoffs. So, why not put together a futures bet to ensure that you can follow a team’s progress throughout the season as they battle for the chance to make it to the end-of-season showdown.

Be sure to check out our complete MLB betting guide so you can see the different MLB betting options available to you this season.

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