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MLB No Run First Inning Bet

Grant Puskar
1 year ago
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Cleveland Guardians pitcher Cal Quantrill celebrates out during game against the New York Yankees

NRFI Betting Explained

One of the most popular baseball bets is the no run first inning (NRFI for short) market. As a proposition bet, it has become increasingly popular as it offers comparatively quick payouts and means you don’t have to wait several hours for your baseball bet to payout.

All you need is six quick outs at the beginning of the game, and your bet comes home - sounds simple, right?

If you’re new to baseball betting, here’s what NRFI bets look like: 

Cleveland Guardians vs. Kansas City Royals

  • Yes, there will be a run in the first inning: +125 
  • No, there won’t be a run in the first inning: -145 

The odds will depend on the pitcher’s form and are often tied to the game’s total line. For instance, if the pitchers are throwing well and the opener has a good reputation for first-inning shutouts, the total line might be set at seven, and the odds of NRFI will be shorter. 

If you don’t fancy the NRFI market for an upcoming fixture, you can flip the market on its head and bet a run will be scored in the first inning. Most sportsbooks offer both markets, so it’s worth checking form and stats before arriving at your decision, as we look at below.

How to Identify Good NRFI Odds in Baseball

MLB betting newbies assume that the best NRFI opportunities lie with the best starters and two poor lineups. But in reality, you need to look for a middle-of-the-road betting option to ensure the odds are worth taking up. 

The best NRFI odds are presented when an underrated pitcher with decent NRFI stats comes up against a solid lineup that’s in poor form. This provides you with good odds that offer value, given the circumstances. 

When identifying NRFI opportunities, one of the most important stats to consider is a low home run rate. As such, it makes sense to target pitchers who don’t allow the long ball often. It also makes sense to look at pitchers who avoid baserunners, targeting starters with low WHIP. Doing your research and identifying opportunities can be a great way to profit from this enticing MLB market.

Recap: MLB No Run First Inning Bet

The MLB no run first inning bet is a great way to capitalize on the fact that shutouts are common in the first inning of many baseball matches. Studying the form and stats of pitchers and lineups before placing a bet can be a great way to profit from betting on MLB this season. 

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