Parlay All Day & Betting Guide: June 21, 2023

Parlay All Day & Betting Guide: June 21, 2023

Grant Puskar
1 year ago
1 min read
Minnesota Twins' Carlos Correa looks on during game against Tigers

Summer is officially here.

With today being the first day of summer, we are officially in the dog days of summer. The sun is shining, baseball is being played, so let's get after it.

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I'm usually the guy that takes moneyline bets all day long, while sprinkling in a run line or two here and there. Today will be no different, as I plan on going with all moneyline plays tonight to once again take us home. 

June 21, 2023 Parlay All Day:

Guardians moneyline

Astros moneyline

Twins moneyline

Odds: +330 ($500 bet pays $2,220)

It's time for the Gavin Williams era to being in Cleveland, as the top pitching prospect will make his MLB debut tonight against the Athletics.

The Astros are playing the Mets, and if you know me, you know I love to fade the extremely underwhelming Mets.

The Twins are due, and with Sonny Gray on the mound tonight at home, it's their turn to get one. 

I know I have three favorites in this parlay, but these are three teams I love tonight in their respective matchups and I think they all have a realistic shot to get it done tonight. 

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