Odds To Win 2021 AL MVP Award

Updated Odds To Win 2021 AL MVP Award

Matthew Smith
3 years ago
2 min read

The current odds on favorite to win the AL MVP Award is a familiar face as he has already taken home three MVP Awards.

However, there are some fresh faces that haven’t yet won the award near the top of the odds list that could potentially win their first MVP Award.

Mike Trout - Angels +200

It’s probably not the most exciting bet to make, but it’s the safest. No other player on this list has ever won a Most Valuable Player Award. Trout has won three.

Mike Trout is still at the top of his game despite being on the cusp of turning 30 this season. He played 53 games for the Angels in the COVID-19 shortened season and slashed .281/.390/.603.

Trout considered that a “bad year”. He had a 162 wRC+ putting him 62% of the league average last year, and he wasn’t happy with it.

A player of his talent with a bit of a proverbial chip on his shoulder for feeling like he had a down year with a 162 wRC+ is a bettors dream.

Trout has not slowed one bit since becoming the league’s best player in 2012. He has been the epitome of consistency and is protected to have another great year by all the popular projection systems.

If you want a safe way to double your money, betting Mike Trout to take home his 4th MVP award is the way to go.

Alex Bergman - Astros +1000

Houston Astros’ third baseman Alex Bregman also felt he had a down season in 2020. On paper, he did, but you have to wonder if the shortened season coupled with a lack of a full Spring Training made these guys feel uncomfortable most of the season.

Bregman slashed .242/.350/.451 for a career-worst .345 wOBA and a 123 wRC+. He lacked the usual power we have seen him display the first three-plus years of his career.

At +1000, you’re looking to get a 10X return on your money, and while he’s only turning 27 in a few weeks, you have to wonder if this is the season Bregman gets over the hump to take home the AL MVP Award.

You could certainly do worse than Bregman, and he will have his sights set on having a better 2021 campaign than he did in 2020.

Aaron Judge - Yankees +1200

New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge has struggled to stay healthy since his otherworldly season in 2017.

He has yet to play a full season since then, and 2020 was no different as he only played in 28 games for the Yankees.

He was incredible in that small sample size, but it was by no means out of line with his career norms. He slashed .257/.336/.554 for a .375 wOBA and 139 wRC+.

Judge is primed for an MVP caliber season if his body holds up for an entire season, and he’s got very good betting odds at +1200.

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