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Differences Between Playing on the app and Desktop

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1 year ago
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The differences between sports betting on an app vs. desktop

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with placing bets on your desktop computer, and many people prefer logging into their accounts to make their selections from a laptop or desktop PC. But thanks to advances in technology, betting from an app is extremely convenient and has many advantages, as we explore below.


There’s a good chance that you have your phone in your pocket - or at least close to hand - every waking second of the day. Therefore, instead of booting up your desktop computer or laptop, you can simply unlock your smartphone when you wish to place a bet. Not only is this so much more convenient, but it also means you can bet from anywhere you are, as we explain below. 

Mobile betting

The beauty of sports betting via a mobile app is that you can place your bets no matter where you are. You can bet from home, or you can load your betting slip when you’re tuning into the Bengals with your buddies at your favorite local bar. You can even bet on the Cavs directly from courtside at the FieldHouse. Put simply, the prevalence of sports betting apps makes mobile betting possible, which allows you to profit from your favorite teams wherever you are in Ohio. 

Improved in-play betting

One of the most exciting ways to bet on sports is to take advantage of the multitude of in-play markets. For instance, when you’re watching the Browns, you might bet on who will score the next TD, how many rushing yards Jerome Ford will make, or how many downs will be in the next play. 

The fact that you can do all of this on your smartphone while you’re watching the action unfold is super convenient. Also, you need to be really quick when betting in-play, as markets are constantly changing. So, download the app and improve your in-play betting chances today.

Ease of deposits

Another significant advantage of using a sports betting app is how easy it is to add funds to your account. For instance, you can activate Apple Pay or Android Pay and add funds to your sports betting account with the click of a button. This saves you from having to dig out your bank card and means you don’t even have to log in to online banking - you can do everything from your smartphone screen.

Recap: What are the differences between playing on the app and on the desktop?

While it’s entirely up to you whether you use our sports betting app or not, we think it will make your life much easier when you’re placing your sports bets. 

So, download our app for Android or iOS today, and get started by betting on your favorite teams and leagues. 

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