How To: Same Game Parlays (2024)

How To: Same Game Parlays (2024)

Alex Kaufman
4 months ago
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Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert rolls out during game vs. Patriots

2024 is here, and sports betting in Ohio has been active for an entire year! 

From the classic spread and moneyline bets, to over/unders, sports betting has been at the center of sports for some time now, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. 

One of the most popluar wagers currently in sports betting are called 'Same Game Parlays'. So, what is it, and how can you place a Same Game Parlay? 

What is a Same Game Parlay?

A Same Game Parlay (or SGP) is a wager where you bet on multiple different outcomes within the same game! Those bets are all included into one single bet, and in order for that Same Game Parlay to be considered a winner, each bet (or leg) within the Same Game Parlay must be successful at the conclusion of the game. 

Why bet a Same Game Parlay?

More winnings! 

If you're a sports bettor that loves the thrill, then Same Game Parlays are for you. Typically, any parlay wager will have a much more significant payout if it is successful compared to a straight bet. 

How do I bet a Same Game Parlay?

Once you log in to your betJACK app, you'll start by selecting any game you want to bet on. From NFL Football to NBA basketball, or even MLB baseball, you can place a Same Game Parlay wager on just about anything!

After selecting the game you wish to wager a Same Game Parlay on, you'll simply click the 'Same Game Parlay' tab, and you're there! 

From there, you can choose any prop you want to combine them all into your Same Game Parlay. Here's an example: 

Raiders moneyline vs. the Eagles, under 43 total points in the game, and Davante Adams to have over 89.5 receiving yards.

Again, depending on which game you choose to build a Same Game Parlay on, the wagers will vary. 

Same Game Parlay wagers are a fun and exciting way to get into all of the sports betting action, and give you something to look forward to and keep an eye on for the entirety of the game!

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