How to Bet on Bowling Green Falcons | Odds and Markets Guide

How to Bet on Bowling Green Falcons

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Bowling Green quarterback Camden Orth makes a pass during game against Mississippi State

Several types of bets are available for bettors to place on the Falcons.

Moneyline bets

Moneyline bets are bets on the winner of the game. As an example, consider a game between the Bowling Green Falcons and the Toledo Rockets with the following odds. 

Teams Moneyline Odds

Bowling Green Falcons


Toledo Rockets


The Falcons are favorites in this example and given negative number odds. If you stake $320, you will win $100 if the Falcons win. The Rockets are underdogs in this example and are given positive number odds. In this case, a bet of $100 would win you $240 if they won.


A spread is a bet on the margin of victory or loss in a game rather than the result itself. Let’s say the Falcons are given a -11.5 spread against the Rockets, who will automatically be +11.5 in the bargain. 

If you bet on the Falcons, they will need to defeat the Rockets by a margin of 11.5 points or greater for you to win. Conversely, the Rockets would have to either win the game or lose by a smaller margin than 11.5 points.

Total bets (over/under bets)

Total Bets are independent of the result of a game but still require a fair knowledge of the teams playing. They are bets on whether the total score (both teams’ final scores added up) will be over or under a number predetermined by the sportsbook.

For example, if the Falcons-Rockets Over/Under is 38.5 and the Falcons win 18-14 (total 32), then the under-bettor wins. If the Falcons win 26-20 (total 46), then the over-bettor wins.

Prop bets

Prop bets are placed on small and specific parts of a game that may not directly affect the game’s final result. These can be player-centric props - number of passing touchdowns, for instance - or team-centric props - number of touchdowns in the first half.


A parlay is a collection of multiple wagers of different types, all placed as a single bet. Let’s assume you place two prop bets, a moneyline bet, and a spread across multiple games in a week. 

With a parlay, you can combine them into one bet to get greater odds and a higher payout compared to what the wagers would have brought you individually. The catch, however, is that all wagers must win for you to hit payout.

Futures and outright bets

Futures and outrights are long-term bets on outcomes like who will be MVP, which teams will be in the playoffs, or which team will win the tournament outright.

Odds on futures bets will probably be better the earlier you place them. For example, the odds on the Bowling Green Falcons winning the division will be longer in the pre-season. But if the team gets off to a solid start as the season progresses, the outright winner odds will shorten.

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