How to Bet on Cleveland Cavaliers | Beginner’s Guide

How to Bet on Cleveland Cavaliers

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How To Bet on Cleveland Cavaliers - Types Of Bets

Once you've chosen a sportsbook on which to place your bets, these are the common types of wagers you will come across when betting on the Cleveland Cavaliers:

Moneyline betting

This is the most straightforward bet you can place when learning how to bet on the Cleveland Cavaliers. In a moneyline bet, the objective is pretty simple - you pick the team that you think is going to win a particular game. 

For instance, let's say the Cleveland Cavaliers (-120) are playing the Golden State Warriors (+200) at home. The Cavaliers have negative odds (-120) and are therefore considered the favorites in this match-up. A bet of $120 on the Cavaliers would win you $100 if they went on to beat the Warriors.

Cleveland Cavaliers Spreads

Spread bets are placed on the margin of a victory or defeat rather than the actual result of a game. The table below illustrates how a spread bet on the Cleveland Cavaliers could be offered to you:



Cleveland Cavaliers 

-20.5 (-110)

Boston Celtics 

+20.5 (-118)

The Cavaliers are considered favorites in this example and will effectively begin with their score at -20.5, while the Boston Celtics begin on zero as usual. Naturally, the Cavaliers will have to overcome this hypothetical deficit for you to win the bet, i.e., they'd have to win by at least 21 points. 

The Celtics could either win the game or lose by a margin of fewer than 20 points for you to place a successful bet on them. Spreads, therefore, are a method of levelling the playing field between favorites and underdogs. 

Total Score Bets (Over/Under Bets)

When it comes to how to bet on Cleveland Cavaliers, totals or over/under bets are a popular way of betting on the score of an NBA game. The sportsbook determines a number, and you bet on whether the aggregate score in the game (both teams' points put together) will be over or under the given total.

Cleveland Cavaliers Prop bets

Prop bets focus on particular segments of play that generally don't affect the final result of a game. These bets are general answers to questions like - will Dean Wade score over or under 15 points in the game? Will the Cavaliers make more than five 3-pointers in the final quarter?

Outrights and futures betting

Outright bets are the market to place bets on whom you think will go on and win the NBA title at the end of the season. They're also applicable to results like conference titles, division titles, and so on. Futures bets are along the same lines in that they involve outcomes in the future but involve more individual honors, such as who will finish as the MVP at the end of the season.

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