How to Bet on FC Cincinnati | Starter Guide

How to Bet on FC Cincinnati

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Philadelphia Union members celebrate win over FC Cincinnati in front of FC Cincinnati goalie

How to Bet on FC Cincinnati - Types Of Bets

Step one, of course, is finding a suitable sportsbook for you. Ideally, you shouldlook for reputed names that offer lucrative welcome bonuses. Step two in understanding how to bet on FC Cincinnati is to learn all the types of bets and betting markets available, as introduced below:

Match And Score Bets

Match results or three-way moneyline bet: If you're just getting started, a moneyline is the best bet on FC Cincinnati, as your only job is to pick the winner of a match.

 If you're familiar with the moneyline bet from other sports, note that the three-way moneyline, in this case, just represents a third result, which is a tie.  

Draw no bet: This bet comes with a safety net in case FC Cincinnati are underdogs in a game. If FC Cincinnati are +200 to beat LAFC, for instance, they are underdogs; if you think they can salvage at least a draw from this game, the draw no bet allows you to place a bet on FC Cincinnati with shortened odds - say, +130. 

If they win, you get returns on the +130 odds. If they draw, you get your money back.

Both teams to score: If you’re trying to understand how to bet on FC Cincinnati, this has to be one of the easiest to try. It’s a bet on whether both teams will score in the game.

Prop Bets

Prop bets (proposition bets) represent specific instances within a game that may or may not affect its direct result. Here are a few examples to consider adding to your betting slip:

First/last player to score: Here, you choose the first player to score a goal in a game - a defender to score will have higher odds than someone like Brandon Vazquez, who plays in attack for FC Cincinnati.

Both halves: A binary bet on whether there will be goals in both halves of the game.

To get booked: If you think you know for sure that someone is likely to pick up a yellow card or a red card, you can select this market.

Time of the first goal: FC Cincinnati soccer games will be divided into six 15-minute phases, and you can bet on which phase the first goal will come in.

FC Cincinnati Outrights and Futures Bets

These are bets placed on outcomes that will be decided later on in the season

Outright winners: If you think FC Cincinnati will go on to win the MLS Cup, this is the market to be in.

Conference winners: This bet is placed on teams that you think will go on to top the Eastern and Western conferences.

To qualify: In this market, you'll be placing a bet on whether or not FC Cincinnati will qualify for the playoffs - remember, they need to finish in the top 7 in their conference to do so.

Golden boot: This is a futures bet you place on which player you think will finish as the top goalscorer in the MLS season.

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