How Can the Cavs Trade Kevin Love & His Massive Contract?

How Can the Cavs Trade Kevin Love & His Massive Contract?

Ayden Fahlstrom
3 years ago
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 How Can the Cavs Trade Kevin Love & His Massive Contract?

The Cleveland Cavaliers have great young talent. They also have an albatross of a contract on the books for another few years, which has been hard to move. The question remains the same: how can Kevin Love be moved? Is he too expensive and too hard to actually get out?

Getting rid of Love would allow the continuation of the youth movement for a chance at Dean Wade to remain as a key. To give possible draft pick Evan Mobley an opportunity to play alongside the soon-to-be re-signed Jarrett Allen.

Let’s talk about a few scenarios where Love might be moved.

Attaching a Draft Pick

The Cavs could always sweeten the deal if they become desperate enough to dump Love. $30 million a year for a player that is often hurt, and not making winning plays is an awful lot of money. He is not a top-two player on the roster anymore, so in an ideal world, that money could be transferred to other players. It doesn’t work like that, alas.

By using a future pick (and not the one they have now) to move him, it might make it easier. Just like how the Lakers traded Danny Green and Philly moved Al Horford. They were decent players who were way overpaid.

As a result, they were able to move them. And so, it could happen again with Cleveland. It should totally be considered.

Attach Another Player

If the Cavs really want Love moved, other options are here. Unlike what those horrid rumors said, trading Sexton with Love would be a total mess. It would make zero sense to move their best player just for the chance to dump a bad contract. That is not how sports work, exactly.

Perhaps a Cedi Osman type of guy could be used as a sweetener. Sure, he’s highly inconsistent, but the guy has a lot of game. He is capable of playing at a high level from time to time, and so, he could be included. The perks of a guy like Osman means a forward who can at times turn it all the way up.

Love being moved would be wise, so adding Osman or another backup could be enough to make it happen.

Just Do It

Whatever it takes, getting Love out is what has to happen. The fans obviously do not want him here, while the front office should be able to see what is happening. He is not that great and is not the guy who signed the extension in the summer of 2018. Love is a liability at both ends of the court, and this should be treated like it is.

Love is not the one you want around, messing with the younger guys. His attitude has been bad, and so much is just not good about him or his personality. He is not the one you want to poison other players inside the locker room.

At the end of the day, a new player taking his spot would be ideal. #0 should ideally be retired in a matter of years, but his time is still up.

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