Almost Everything About the Cavs Frustrates Me Right Now

Almost Everything About the Cavs Frustrates Me Right Now

Nick Pedone
3 years ago
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Almost Everything About the Cavs Frustrates Me Right Now

I'm in a very dark place with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

From Collin Sexton trade rumors, to uncertainty about the NBA Draft, to Kevin Love turning in his Team USA jersey and quitting on Lady Liberty, this team is the cause for a lot of my aggravation right now.

Sexton Trade Rumors

Listen, I understand Sexton's limitations. I understand that the Cavs are in a strange spot with an undersized shooting guard demanding max money. 

I understand why they think it's a good idea to trade him away. But it's not.

Sexton, still just 22 years old, has been Cleveland's best player since his arrival in 2018. Perhaps that's not saying much, as the Cavs have not exceeded more than 22 wins since drafting Sexton. But he's never been put in a position to succeed.

In just three seasons, Sexton has been coached by four head coaches. Not a model of stability.

Sexton's 24 points per game isn't going to be easily replicated and I hope the Cavs, who ranked dead last in points scored per game last season, understand that.

Kevin Love

I think I could write a best selling novel on my frustrations with this cat, but I'll refrain.

Quite frankly, my brain cannot comprehend how Kevin Love has a job in basketball. I wish he'd retire, but he has over 60 million reasons not to.

Seriously, the Cavs want to move on from Love and he wants to move on from the Cavs. So he tanked his chances by quitting on the entire nation, citing that pesky calf injury as his reason why.

We can sit here and argue until we're blue in the face about NBA Draft options, free agency, and potential Sexton trades to better the future, but it's impossible to see the future of this organization until Love is off the roster. 

The NBA Draft: Evan Mobley Factor

It's becoming more and more evident that the Houston Rockets plan on selecting Jalen Green in the 2021 NBA Draft. The Cavs are reportedly "zeroing in" on USC big man Evan Mobley.

I'll write it in plain English. I wanted Green on the Cavs.

Mobley is a fine option, but in a cluttered frontcourt consisting of Love, Larry Nance Jr., Future $100 Million Man Jarrett Allen, Dean Wade and the possible return of Isaiah Hartenstein, it's hard to see all of those mouths being fed.

Rest assured, Mobley is a bluechip prospect that checks the boxes of a modern day big, but I can't fully get behind a pairing of SexLand, Okoro, Allen and Mobley. That might be the weirdest starting five in NBA history.

Where Do We Go From Here?

I'm glad that's a question that I don't have to answer, because I seriously don't know.

Running it back with the same group as last year plus Mobley is not going to get the Cavs into the play in tournament, which is the perceived next step. It seems as if all the Cavs can do now is acquire all the talent they can, try smart trades, and hope something sticks in a big way.  

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