Best Cleveland Cavaliers Future Bets For 2021-22

Best Cleveland Cavaliers Future Bets For 2021-22

Tyler Vaysman
1 year ago
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Best Cleveland Cavaliers Future Bets For 2021-22

October 5 is here, which means Cleveland Cavaliers preseason is set to kick off. The battle for the final roster spots will begin, and things are going to continue to heat up. And now, only 15 days remain before their first game of this season. The official debut of Evan Mobley is so close.

The team projects to compete in the East for a play-in spot. Not too many folks believe in them, but that won’t slow them down. Watch out for those Cavs. Let’s look at some good futures bets to make.

Over 27.5 Wins

There was a time, a year ago, where the Cavs didn’t have the talent to come anywhere near .500. But now, the league still thinks they can’t get more than 27 wins? In an 82-game season as opposed to 72? That comes off as major disrespect for a team that has put a lot of work in to try and improve their roster.

They made trades to bring in Lauri Markkanen and Ricky Rubio, who project to play key roles off the bench. They have played in a combined two playoff series, and both know what it’s like to be a part of a team where winning isn’t the MO. They don’t want to deal with it again.

The drafting of Mobley was a great choice. He was the best player available, and they finally have some real depth upfront. They have dealt with a lot of big man injuries and turnover in recent seasons, so pairing him with Jarrett Allen has the potential to be great.

Remembering that the team has two very crafty young guards starting, the win total should be easily attainable. 31.5 would have been a much more appropriate number than a measly 27.5.

Evan Mobley to Win Rookie of the Year: +800

With Cade Cunningham and Jalen Green in the league this year, it will be hard for anybody else to claim the ROTY award. But, there is an opportunity for plenty of guys to showcase their talent and try to begin their career with some nice hardwood. Evan Mobley has a real chance to make that his.

What he possesses that the others don’t is an incredible ability to pull down rebounds and swat shots out. He is going to run up the block total while putting up occasional double-doubles. Regular-season success means nothing in the award voting, so it is just about who has the best statistical output.

He is going to continue to put work into finding the three-point stroke, which will be a huge key in unlocking his full potential. For all the grief Kevin Love is given, he can still shoot the daylights out of the ball. He needs to work with Mobley on how to perfect it.

And with Lauri Markkanen here, there is definitely going to be some internal competition. Three tall big guys, that can all shoot from deep? That is going to push Mobley to want to crush them in practice battles.

He can seriously win this ROTY award. You never know.

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