Cleveland Cavaliers Opening Day: Best Props To Make

Cleveland Cavaliers Opening Day: Best Props To Make

Barry Devoe
3 years ago
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Cleveland Cavaliers Opening Day: Best Props To Make

It’s here. It’s time. This is not a drill. The Cavaliers are officially back, people! The time to be excited about it all is right now, so make it happen. Get pumped and get ready to start betting.

The first of 82 games has the team making its only trip of the season to Memphis to battle the Grizzlies. Here are some prop bets to tackle.


All Collin Sexton did last year was score the ball, early and often. Averaging better than 25 ppg, he was hard to slow down all year long. And because of that, teams will zero in on him more. It means still, that he is going to look good, and that he will make the D look foolish constantly.

Scoring 20 points is something he does in his sleep and will be able to do with relative ease in this contest. Look for Sexton to just score again and again. They won’t keep him from putting up a big line. No chance, no chance.

And so, hammer the over. If it increases mid-game, it would still be worth riding with, because they cannot keep him down.

Cavs to Win by 6+ points

There is a current prop for the Cavs winning by 6+ points, set at +600. Bet $100 dollars and you can turn it into $600 here. The team is going to be tough to beat, and they are not a walkover on day one. They want to take it at their opponents and let them know that they will mean business. Watch out.

The team is equipped to be solid now that they brought in some veterans. They have more mentors than before, and Kevin Love not having to play a major role is a W. The team can focus on its younger guys and not the one who causes distractions as much as he actually helps.

The battle will be fierce, and Memphis will not have fun. Cavs winning by 6+ should be considered, y’all.

Collin Sexton Over 4.5 Assists

In addition to all the scoring he will do, Collin Sexton will have new guys to pass the rock to. Whether it be Evan Mobley, Lauri Markkanen or Ricky Rubio, there will be some easy assists. And as a result of that, the number will be higher than last season.

Picking up dimes is not easy, because teammates so often miss. If you look at assist opportunities per game compared with the actual numbers, it’s crazy. There is always a decrease because these guys are only human at the end of the day and cannot shoot 100%.

Sexton is going to put teammates in a position to succeed, especially his backcourt mate Darius Garland. That man is going to turn into a sniper and hit everything he gets from his starting buddy. These two guys are the future, and he will make shots off the Collin passes.

Make sure to ride the over on his points and assists, because good things are ahead.

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