Cleveland Cavaliers Preseason Notes

Cleveland Cavaliers Preseason Notes

Tyler Vaysman
3 years ago
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Cleveland Cavaliers Preseason Notes

CLEVELAND! The preseason is coming to an end on Friday, with the real thing set to begin on Wednesday for the team. A date with the Memphis Grizzlies awaits to start the campaign, as Ja Morant look for a breakout third year.

Never Judge One Game Too Closely

Every NBA team is going to win games over the course of the year. The worst season ever still saw the Charlotte Bobcats compile seven of them. Some nights, the squad just won’t play well, as was the case in the preseason opener against the Bulls.

They were down by 40 at one point, and never looked to be in the game. Evan Mobley had some good moments, but it was a total wash. You cannot win them all, just like you plain and simple do not lose them all either. This is relevant because they bounced back with a much better effort against Chicago in preseason game #3.

Yes, they took a loss. But, it went to the wire. They showed that they can compete with a team who had destroyed them earlier. That’s why it is also key to keep in mind these games do not count for anything beyond learning and pride.

That Mobley Kid is Pretty Darn Good

As if it is a surprise to anybody, Evan Mobley has come out playing great basketball. It was obvious when he was first drafted that he was brimming with potential. He then took it another step further in the preseason, starting to make constant highlight reel plays.

He was the #3 pick for a reason and might even feel slighted after not being given great ROTY odds. This is an award that is not usually won by big men, but things certainly can change quickly. There is not much he cannot do if you give him the ball.

And on defense, he is already showing an affinity for grabbing rebounds. Mobley is on his way to becoming an elite rim protector, this while splitting his time at power forward and center. He will thrive at both positions this year, next to Jarrett Allen to start and next to Markkanen and Dean Wade at other times.

All About the Guards

As is expected, the Cavs are going to be led by their starting backcourt this year. They have a competent young backcourt, and they are both superstars in the making. Darius Garland and Collin Sexton can fill it up, putting up big stats and going through hot stretches.

The two of them have looked good in preseason, and will try and carry it over to the regular season when it begins in seven short days. They can be on the floor together playing winning basketball. And their veteran mate Ricky Rubio is going to be here mentoring them every single step of the way.

All of them will play north of 20 minutes, with Sexton probably at 34 a game or so. They will make or break the team’s chances. And if they should trade for Ben Simmons, they will come to regret moving whoever is traded in the long run.

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