Cleveland Cavaliers: Steven Adams is Perfect Mentor for Evan Mobley

Cleveland Cavaliers: Steven Adams is Perfect Mentor for Evan Mobley

Tony Pesta
2 years ago
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 Steven Adams is Perfect Mentor for Evan Mobley

Cleveland Cavaliers’ rookie Evan Mobley has been busy in the gym this summer, appearing in numerous workout videos with Steven Adams. Here is why the Memphis Grizzlies’ big man is the perfect mentor for Mobley. 

Evan Mobley is doing the right thing to prepare for his rookie season with the Cleveland Cavaliers by having Steven Adams be his mentor over the summer. 

Adams entered the league in 2013 as a scrawny seven-footer with a tiny frame. Within a few years, however, Adams bulked up to 265 pounds and rounded out his broad shoulders with pure muscle. This transformation is one of the most impressive in recent league history and is the blueprint for how Mobley can develop his body.

Mobley's Weight

One of the biggest concerns in Mobley’s game is his weight. He’s a skinny big-man with chicken legs. Weighing in at only 215 pounds -- Mobley will need to put on some muscle before becoming a dominant paint presence. 

There should be no doubts that Mobley can be an effective rim protector. The young prospect has displayed phenomenal instincts and timing when rising up for rejections. Truthfully, much of his supreme athleticism and agility likely comes from his frail stature.

However, the NBA is a much different league than college. While Mobley might be able to succeed as a help-side defender -- it will be challenging for him to hold his own in the paint. Bigger opponents will be able to back him down far too easily at his current weight. 

How Can Steven Adams Help?

Furthermore, problems arise offensively with such a weak build. Mobley will have trouble creating a firm wall to set screens and we’ve already seen him knocked off balance in the post during Summer League.

This is where working with Adams is sure to help. Aside from learning all of the tiny details that have made Adams such an effective rebounder -- Mobley will also benefit from absorbing some of the work ethic and regime that Adams has clearly built to put on as much weight as he did.

Mobley is a work in progress and his rookie season will be full of growing pains. However, Cleveland fans should be excited that he has already sought out the perfect mentor for his physical development and the rest of his raw-talent will be on full display as he progresses through the season.

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