Cleveland Cavaliers vs Atlanta Hawks February 15, 2022 NBA Betting Preview

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Atlanta Hawks February 15, 2022 NBA Betting Preview

Ayden Fahlstrom
2 years ago
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Cavaliers center Jarrett Allen (31) drives to the basket against Atlanta Hawks forward Cam Reddish (22)

The Cleveland Cavaliers are currently 35-22, as they’ve won seven of their last ten games.

The Atlanta Hawks, on the other hand, are 26-30, as they’ve lost two straight games.

This should be a fun one!

Betting Odds & Lines

The spread for Tuesday night is set at CLE -2. The over/under is sitting at 220.5 points. 

Jarrett Allen Going to All-Star Game

After initially being left out, Jarrett Allen is going to the All-Star Game, as he is replacing James Harden.

Many believe that Allen was snubbed, as he is averaging over 16 points per game on over 66 percent shooting to go along with 11.1 rebounds per game while providing excellent rim protection to a Cavs team that appears destined to make a run in the playoffs this season.

Allen has handled everything like a professional, however, and is finally being rewarded for doing so.

Without the two way play of Allen this season, there is absolutely no way the Cavs would be where they currently are this season.

Caris LeVert Finding His Niche in Cleveland

Caris LeVert is finding his niche in Cleveland, as he is averaging 14.7 points, 4.3 assists, and 2.0 steals per game in his first three games with the club.

LeVert is the type of player that can get acclimated in any setting, with his ability to take defenders off the dribble and hunt for shots in the mid-range and get to the rim.

The Cavs found themselves a nice replacement at the guard positions following season-ending injuries to Collin Sexton and Ricky Rubio.

With the Cavs likely heading to the playoffs, having a weapon like LeVert will be crucial down the stretch of the season.

Ice Trae Lighting it Up

Trae Young is lighting it up, as he’s averaging 27.3 points on over 47 percent shooting to go along with 10.2 assists per game over his last six games.

When “Ice Trae” gets hot, look out, as he is tough to defend when he takes his defender off the dribble, or his teammate frees him up with a screen.

Young can literally pull up from anywhere on the court, much like Steph Curry, so opposing defenses will always want to keep their eyes out on him and scheme appropriately to limit the damage this superstar player can inflict on a nightly basis.

Cavs Win

The Cavs have no reason to lose this game, as they’re just on a roll and have taken advantage of games they should be winning on a game-to-game basis.

A lot of young, promising teams end up giving away games they should be winning, but that’s not the Cavs. They will play hard each and every night with a desire to win, and that is how they’ve become such a dangerous team this season. Everyone has a chip on their shoulder with something to prove.

Expect this game to be no different, with the Cleveland Cavaliers winning and covering the spread

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