Darius Garland 2022 NBA All-Star Game Player Props

Darius Garland 2022 NBA All-Star Game Player Props

Barry Devoe
2 years ago
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Darius Garland (10) goes by Tobias Harris (12) in a game against Philadelphia

The NBA All-Star Game is coming up on Sunday, February 20, as Darius Garland will be among the 12 players representing the Eastern Conference alongside his teammate Jarrett Allen.

Garland has been absolutely phenomenal for the Cleveland Cavaliers this season, as he is averaging 20.1 points and 8.0 assists per game thus far this season.

What Garland Can Learn From Experience

There’s a lot Garland can learn from this experience, as he’ll be teaming up with LeBron James since LeBron picked him to be a part of his squad. Shoutout to King James for staying true to his Ohio roots!

Even if you have a chance to play with LeBron for a day, there is so much to learn. LeBron makes all of his teammates better and is always willing to find you open looks out there on the court.

Garland can pick up even more tricks when it comes to his playmaking skills and can continue to learn what it takes to play championship-level basketball just by following LeBron’s lead out there on the court.

Garland has developed himself more into an on ball player early on in his career and figures to primarily play that type of role for most of his career. However, you become a much bigger threat if you learn how to play off the ball a little bit, as that’ll open up possibilities to team up with other star players at a certain point in your career.

Just knowing how to get to your spots off the ball in the corner or on cuts to the rim, navigate through screens, and getting yourself open does a lot to help your teammates out while remaining involved in the flow of the game.

Garland will also have the pleasure of playing with Jarrett Allen, as Allen wi ll be replacing James Harden, who LeBron had selected to his team, albeit begrudgingly. 

Whatever the case was between LeBron and Kevin Durant when it came to that last pick, it ended up working out in LeBron’s favor, as he’ll now have both Cleveland All-Stars on his team.

This will give Garland and Allen a chance to develop even more chemistry in a different setting, as they can forever bond about the fact that they played in their first All-Star Game, and they did so as teammates both on the same NBA team and All-Star team. 

Odds to Win All-Star Game MVP

Garland is facing fairly long odds to win the All-Star Game MVP, as he’s currently sitting with +5000 odds.

However, Garland has a little bit of luck on his side when it comes to Cleveland point guards, as Kyrie Irving took him All-Star Game MVP honors back in 2014, which was Irving’s second All-Star appearance.

While that may not carry that much weight when it comes to the present moment, it could create a nice storyline if Garland defies all odds and wins the trophy. After all, maybe LeBron would do everything he can to set him up to win the award, especially since the All-Star Game is in Cleveland.

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