Five Realistic Free Agency Targets for Cleveland Cavaliers

Five Realistic Free Agency Targets for Cleveland Cavaliers

Ayden Fahlstrom
3 years ago
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Five Realistic Free Agency Targets for Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA Free Agency is fast approaching, now that the draft is complete. Cleveland filled a huge hole by drafting Evan Mobley, who will play multiple positions for his new team. The Cavs project to contend for a playoff spot next season, and there are a few players available they can sign to help them with that goal.

They already got Ricky Rubio via trade from Minnesota to give them a massive upgrade at the backup guard spot. What else might they look to do?

5. Bryn Forbes

Now an NBA champ, Bryn Forbes is as streaky as any shooter in the NBA. When he’s good, he’s great, to the point where he outscored Jimmy Butler in the first-round playoff series. And when he is bad, he could be the worst guy on the floor.

The thing about Forbes is that he won’t be too expensive. He fell out of the rotation during the NBA Finals, so perhaps he is not THAT guy. But he could help the Cavs with scoring off the bench. He should be considered.

4) Isaac Bonga

Isaac Bonga is not one of the more talented players in the league. But on the defensive end, he is pretty much elite. He’s still young and could push guys to be better in practice by locking them down in scrimmages and providing some guidance.

His offensive game is putrid, but he can get into games and change things with his effort on the other end. He’s worth a minimum deal.

3) Alec Burks

Possibly available after an amazing year with the Knicks, Alec Burks would be a great get for the Cavs. He can play several positions and has continued to prove his scoring ability. He can get hot at any time and lead a team to a win every now and then. His playoff performances were also top-notch.

When healthy, Burks is one of the best sixth men in the league. A reunion that would make him the first guy off the bench would be lovely. Just lovely.

2) David Nwaba

Injuries have cut two seasons in a row short for David Nwaba in two cities since leaving the Cavs. But before each of them, he was bringing a lot to the table for both the Nets and Rockets. Perhaps now that he’s available, he’d consider coming back to his old team, where he was fun to see a few years back.

Nwaba is a high-energy guy who can get it going on both ends of the floor. And he’s also a pretty cheap option. He should certainly be considered, no doubt.

1) Josh Hart

Unlikely to leave the Pelicans, Josh Hart is currently a restricted free agent. This means New Orleans can match any contract offer he agrees to with another team. Likely expensive, Hart is a guy who can play north of 30 minutes a night in a role as either a starter or backup.

He would provide good veteran leadership to the team while giving them a solid 3-and-D option who is a tremendous rebounder. If they can find a way to pay him enough so NOLA cannot match, he’d be a nice Cavalier.

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