Jake Paul vs. Hasim Rahman Jr.: Early Look At Betting Odds

Jake Paul vs. Hasim Rahman Jr.: Early Look At Betting Odds

Barry Devoe
2 years ago
3 min read
Jake Paul celebrates after defeating Tyron Woodley at Amalie Arena

Jake Paul (5-0, 4 KOs) is back in the ring, and he is going up against his first professional boxer, Hasim Rahman Jr. (12-1, 6 KOs).

On August 6th, these two will be facing off at Madison Square Garden in an 8-round professional boxing bout with women’s legend Amanda Serrano on their undercard.

Betting Odds

As of right now, Jake Paul is the favorite in this matchup, with odds that range up to -250. This is very interesting to many people who think Paul has a slim chance of coming out victorious against his first real pro boxer he has faced in his life.

The factors that oddsmakers are most likely looking at are from the “eye test.” From the footage that I have of Rahman, he seems to have quite the speed and athletic disadvantage in this matchup.

Jake Paul, love him or hate him, is a very good athlete and has shown many big strides in his boxing ability. He has a great right hand and is the younger man.

The experience of Rahman is something to think about for this one. With 13 pro boxing bouts and over 100 amateur matches, he seems to have a major advantage in that department. In Rahman’s last fight, he was stopped by his opponent, and he showed a very subpar performance in the ring that night.

I am not sure if he was injured or something wasn’t going right, but that fight showed that Jake Paul should have no issue in being able to touch his chin.

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Early Fight Breakdown

We have to realize by this point that Jake Paul and his team would not allow him to get in the ring with any real threat to him. There are handicaps involved in everything he does in the boxing world.

His first fights were all against people older and with no experience in a boxing ring. They knew that Paul had major advantages with all the elite training he has and ability to receive the best of the best work.

In this one, Rahman has a “rehydration clause” in his contract, which to my understanding, is that he can not gain more than 10lbs after making weight for the first 24 hours after weigh-ins. This is not only unhealthy for a professional boxer cutting weight but will be a big factor in Rahman’s performance in the ring on August 6th. 

Rahman is a natural heavyweight, and he needs to make the cruiserweight limit on short notice, with a lack of rehydration after stepping on the scales. That is a big advantage for Jake Paul that the casual boxing fan might not even know about.

In terms of boxing skill and breaking down the comparison between these two fighters, it is clear that Rahman is not on Paul’s level of speed and athleticism.

Rahman is the bigger man, but he keeps his hands very low and does not show much footwork or head movement that will give Paul any trouble in landing some big shots.

This will be an interesting fight to watch, but don’t get too excited to see Jake Paul be exposed inside a ring any time soon.

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