NBA Draft Lottery: Top Overall Players Available

NBA Draft Lottery: Top Overall Players Available

Ryan Knuppel
3 years ago
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NBA Draft Lottery: Top Overall Players Available

Well, well. The time has come. June 21st is Solstice Day, AKA the longest day of the year. And June 22nd is the day of the NBA Draft Lottery in the year 2021. Next year, it will mark the day of the actual draft.

But, we’re here. So many teams will want to have their ping pong balls bounce the right way. Especially the Cleveland Cavs, who have selected #5 in back-to-back years despite having a top-three worst record in each campaign.

Cade Cunningham

Obviously, the team that wins the lottery wins the “Cade” sweepstakes. He was a great player for Oklahoma State, running the offense, clearing the glass, and making big shots. He’s a great hooper who will be picked right near, if not at the top.

He is a guy, so many teams want as a player to kind of jumpstart the rebuild. When you can land a player with his type of talent, you can go from the lottery to a low playoff seed. Not many rookies can be impact winners as leaders right off the bat, but this kid will have a chance to do just that.

With his ability to shoot, drive and find the open man, it is no surprise that he is so highly coveted.

Evan Mobley

Evan Mobley has a nice run at USC, and now he’s off to the draft, penciled in as the #2 prospect. He is rail-thin, 7’0, and just 215 pounds. But the man can be a great rim protector for so many teams while also spacing the floor on the other side of things.

Guys like Brook Lopez and Marc Gasol have become very good three-point shooters after entering the league with nothing but a mid-range shot. Mobley can shoot from deep, but it is something he is still working a lot on at the moment. And as a result, it may take a year or two for it to become a staple in his game.

He can clear the glass, block shots at a high clip and be a good rim runner and floor-spacer on offense. Make sure your favorite team does not pass this guy up if they have a chance to take him.

Jalen Suggs

The return of March Madness in 2021 gave players like Jalen Suggs a big platform to showcase their talent and abilities. He is a guy that hit the biggest shot for Gonzaga and who can also perform at an above-average level on the other side of the ball.

Suggs is a guy you tailor the offense for. He is a solid facilitator, though he obviously specializes in being a big shot maker. He relishes the pressure and the opportunity. He has the chance to be a much better version of JJ Redick at the next level. A version that gets big minutes right away and can also put the ball on the floor.

Look for Suggs to be locked in as a top-five pick. Heck, if the Cavs have a chance to take him, it might be worth it; even with SexLand already existing.

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