NBA Opening Night Best Bets

NBA Opening Night Best Bets

Tyler Vaysman
2 years ago
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NBA Opening Night Best Bets

FINALLY! It has been a relatively quick NBA offseason, as the year is already back. Just like a year ago, things were a bit shorter. But this time, it happened so that the original 82-game slate can return and the norm can be the case like three seasons ago.

And now with that, two games will be played on Tuesday. Let’s take a look at some of the best wagers to make.


The Nets and Bucks will play in Milwaukee on Tuesday night to kick the season off. And this is a game where the Bucks who are returning from last year will get their championship rings. Unfortunately, though, Bobby Portis is not going to be available for them in the first contest.

It was great that he re-signed, though he will not be able to do much on opening night. This is a golden opportunity right out of the gates for Jordan Nwora, as he tries to latch on to a role within the team’s rotation. Even so, and with Kyrie Irving not playing at all, plenty of scoring will be happening.

However, the notion of these two clubs playing little to no defense on opening night is laughable. The final score will be a bit high, but an over/under of 240 makes this easy. Bet the under.

Warriors Moneyline Against the Lakers

The Warriors lost to the Lakers in a thriller last year. It got the Lakers into the playoffs, while sending the Dubs into a must-win game vs. Memphis. They lost that one, and got sent home. Now, they are back looking for some redemption this season.

Klay is not going to be ready right away, but even so. He is practicing with the team and will eventually come back. Stephen Curry is ready to help his guys. Golden State got crushed in their first few games last season, but it won’t be the case again. And it is camaraderie that will guide them to the win.

The only Lakers playing on opening night from last year are Anthony Davis and LeBron James. The lack of chemistry will hurt. On opening night, bet the team that is more of a unit at this point. GS +136.

OVER 228 in Warriors/Lakers Game

Betting on the Warriors is safe for opening night. And as for the over/under in the game, it is not nearly high enough. 228 in this game and only 240 in BK/MIL? That should be criminal, really.

The offense is going to be coming in nonstop, with both clubs firing up threes and hitting them with great regularity. Anthony Davis is expected to play center, thus opening up the floor even more for L.A. And Steph is going to come out jacking threes from possession number one.

The teams are going to just take the ball and drop it through the hoop. On repeat. With all of the starpower and tremendous passers out there, it is going to be a highlight reel every time down. Neither one of these teams is ready to play lockdown D on opening night. OVER 228. Book it.

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