NBA Playoffs Update: Betting Odds to win 2021 NBA Finals

NBA Playoffs Update: Betting Odds to win 2021 NBA Finals

Ryan Knuppel
3 years ago
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NBA Playoffs Update: Betting Odds to win 2021 NBA Finals

The 2021 NBA Playoffs have continued to be wild and crazy. For Milwaukee to get blown out with Giannis leaving midway through game 4 and then come back and win convincingly at home was incredible. Not having Trae Young has made life very different for the Hawks, as his ankle has been bugging out.

With just three teams left in the mix, let’s look at who the favorites are, in reverse order.

Atlanta Hawks: +1300

The Hawks odds have significantly changed over the last 24 hours. They were +600 heading into game 5, but being pushed to the brink means that they now have to dig deep to win. They took the Knicks in five games. They needed seven for Philly but never faced elimination. This marks the first time they have been behind after five contests.

They have what it takes and may have Trae back for the sixth game. What happened without Giannis was more guys could shoot. They went to Brook Lopez inside constantly, and he ended up shooting 14-18 from the floor. Bobby Portis became a starter and poured in 22. All five Bucks starters crushed them. They were not ready for the adjustments the opposition made.

The dream is not dead yet, though. The teams have been even throughout, and home cooking could lead the team to force a game 7.

Milwaukee Bucks: +170

The Bucks odds have also jumped up in a huge way since the game 2 win. And if they can secure one win in the next two games, they will be back in the Finals. Their PXP announcer Jim Paschke announced that this would be his last season. He has already worked his last game. But if they can win the title, he could get a ring.

He’s been with the team for more than 30 years, through all the ups and downs. It would be the coolest part of them winning. Giannis or not, they have star players in Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday. They have a versatile roster that can match up with any team in the league.

Do not sleep on this team because if you do, they’ll just win a little more easily.

Phoenix Suns: -165

The obvious favorites would be the team that is fully healthy. Nobody is hurt or even banged up, which is remarkable given the wear and tear of the season. The Phoenix Suns are already in the Finals and only need four wins for their first championship in team history.

Devin Booker and Chris Paul have both played remarkably, and they are now so close to the pinnacle of professional hoops. The supporting cast has stepped up significantly, and as a result, they have been too tough to beat. They knocked out the Clippers by defeating them 130-103, as emphatic as a result as anybody could have possibly expected.

At the end of the day, Monty Williams is a winning coach. Much better than the one he was for the Pelicans. And good coaches turn good players into great ones.

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