NBA Reset: Updated 2021 NBA Championship Betting Odds

NBA Reset: Updated 2021 NBA Championship Betting Odds

Ryan Knuppel
3 years ago
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NBA Reset: Updated 2021 NBA Championship Betting Odds

The NBA Playoffs have started to get spicy. There is no better word to describe what’s been happening. Phoenix dominating Denver, aided by former Cavs Jae Crowder and Cameron Payne. The Nets and Bucks are suddenly tied 2-2, and anything can happen.

The excitement is palpable as things get close. Let’s take a look at the teams in the lead for the NBA title chase.

Brooklyn Nets (+260)

Despite consecutive losses to Milwaukee, the Nets still have the top odds to win it all. But, not by much anymore. Their odds have slipped to +260, and judging by the competition around them, even at full strength, nothing this year is a guarantee.

The loss of Kyrie Irving early in game 4 made things tough, and Kevin Durant could not carry them alone. The team has to win their next game at home, or they might be going home a lot earlier than most folks expected. Should they fall short, there will be extreme parity.

They have a good supporting cast, but not when those players have to be stars.

Utah Jazz (+300)

At +300, the Jazz are right behind the Nets. But, things will not be easy. They still have to clear the Clippers, who are as dangerous as any team in the NBA. Should they advance, though, only four wins would separate this squad from the NBA Finals.

The key for them is a healthy Donovan Mitchell. Everything else can and will click into place. But, if Mitchell is not 100%, they would lose before the Finals, no question.

Phoenix Suns (+410)

The ever-dangerous Phoenix Suns have punched their ticket to the conference finals. Aided by the Nikola Jokic ejection, they found a win and a sweep. They are the first team to do it, and it is no coincidence, really. Chris Paul and Devin Booker are quite the tandem.

But it’s the guys around them leading the wins. Mikal Bridges and Jae Crowder are both exceptional defenders that can score the ball as needed. And, DeAndre Ayton commands attention in the paint. The bench has been good. This team is very dangerous and could well win it all.

Milwaukee Bucks (+480)

Dead in the water five days ago, the Bucks are back. Giannis Antetokounmpo is playing like his MVP self. Jrue Holiday is playing the king’s defense. And, Khris Middleton has finally locked in after a horrific start to the series.

While the Kyrie injury loomed large in game 4, it was Mike Budenholzer that actually had the biggest hand in his team’s win. He has finally started to give his stars massive minutes over the past two games. No more 32-35 minutes for Middleton, Giannis, or Holiday. They are all up over 40.

All three guys can handle that. It’s what is needed. If they clear Brooklyn, an NBA title could be next.

Philadelphia 76ers (+650)

There is no love for Philly here. The city of brotherly love cannot get higher than the fifth-highest odds. But, they do have the best record in their conference. And that counts for something.

As long as Embiid is healthy and Simmons can guide the defense, they can win games. Danny Green or not, they are a real contender.

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