Preseason NBA 2021-2022 MVP Odds

Preseason NBA 2021-2022 MVP Odds

Barry Devoe
2 years ago
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Preseason NBA 2021-2022 MVP Odds

Luka Doncic - PG Dallas Mavericks 

According to almost all betting sites you come upon, the first name you will see for the NBA MVP preseason favorite is the young superstar Luka Doncic. Heading into last season, oddsmakers had Doncic listed as the second most likely to win this award. While that didn’t happen and the award went to Nikola Jokic from the Denver Nuggets, Doncic had a great playoff performance and the Mavs addressed rebuilding the roster this offseason. The younger superstar finds himself heading into this season as the early favorite to bring home the award. Many things are going to have to play into his favor to capture his first MVP award but the talent and skillset are there for him to do so. 

Luka Doncic +400 

Giannis Antetokounmpo - PF Milwaukee Bucks 

It’s a bit surprising to see that Giannis is not the early favorite heading into this season and that has rubbed some basketball fans the wrong way. As you know, the Bucks were crowned champs back in July and it was all thanks to the Greek Freaks stellar performance that helped him bring home his first Finals MVP award. Vegas seems to have other plans, but I wouldn’t sleep on the defending champ. 

Giannis is just touching the prime of his young career and is surrounded by one of the best-supporting casts the league has to offer. Antetokounmpo’s consistent production and focus have long been the staple of his career and it’s hard to picture a scenario where he comes into a season without either one of these. Despite winning a title and the possibility of a post-title hangover, the bigger issue is the Bucks last played on July 20th so the effect from a shortened season could play a factor but he knows that a price you pay to win. 

Giannis Antetokounmpo +700 

Kevin Durant - SF/PF Brooklyn Nets 

Kevin Durant returned from an injury that very few players come back from and even put together the season he did last year. He was toe on the line away from sending the Milwaukee Bucks home in the Conference Finals. It was arguably the best Kevin Durant we have seen in his career. 

It’s not an argument that at this stage in his career and really the last 6-7 years he has been the best player in the league. One thing that is true is father time continues to stay unbeaten. The Net’s took a cautious approach with Durant a season ago in terms of load management. It’s safe to expect much of the same heading into this season, as without Kyrie Irving this team will keep their stars fresh over the course of the regular season. 

Playing alongside another star talent like James Harden should also play a factor in his chance of earning another MVP award this season. Durant will need to play around the 65-70 game mark this season and earn the one seed in the East for a chance to take home the award. 

Kevin Durant +700 

Joel Embiid - C Philadelphia 76er’s 

If it hadn’t been for an injury a season ago, Embiid very well could have been the MVP but he instead finished second in the voting. When healthy there might not be a more dominant two-way big man in the league. He offers a versatile scoring attack and anchors a top 5 defense in the league. With all the Ben Simmons drama and his desire to get out of Philly as soon as possible, if Embiid can lead this team to a top 4 seed in the conference he will find himself in the conversation yet again. His biggest factor will be his health and if he can stay on the court or not. 

Joel Embiid +700

Stephen Curry - PG Golden State Warriors 

This is one of the easier ones to see in the top five of the voting. Last season Curry found himself earning the second most votes from one to four but his point total ended up third behind Joel Embiid. Curry led a depleted roster to a play-in game where the Warriors lost and fell out of the playoffs. 

The Warriors went out and added some veteran depth to a team that is in win now. Klay Thompson has been out the last two seasons dealing with multiple injuries but he should return sometime around the start of the season. 

Curry won the scoring title a season ago after averaging 5 made threes per game. Curry is one of the most loved media guys in the league. If he can get the Warriors to a top 3 finish in the Western Conference Curry is more than likely bringing home the award despite being 5th on most lists. 

Stephen Curry +800 

Some other notable players include

Damian Lillard +1400 

Nikola Jokic +1600 

Lebron James +1600

Trae Young +2000

James Harden +2500 

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