Sleeper NBA Future Bets For 2021-22 Season: NBA Finals, Rookie of the Year

Sleeper NBA Future Bets For 2021-22 Season: NBA Finals, Rookie of the Year

Ayden Fahlstrom
3 years ago
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Sleeper NBA Future Bets For 2021-22 Season: NBA Finals, Rookie of the Year

Now that the NBA preseason has begun, it’s time to start looking into the crystal ball. Everybody is trying to get a leg up with bets and seek opportunities to win big by making some futures picks before the year officially kicks off.

Alas, betting on the Cavs may be a bit tough. However, betting over on wins (27.5) could be a chance to get some quick money at the end of the year. Things should work out nicely for the team this season as they put a competitive squad together.

Let’s look at some others.

Hawks To Win Finals: +3500

The Hawks? To win it all? This is not as crazy as it sounds. Sure, the Bucks and Nets are both still breathing, But Atlanta was only two wins away from the NBA Finals last year. And to understand that they played Milwaukee to a six-game series? They could have given the Suns a run for their money.

This is not super likely to happen, and setbacks and injuries happen. But an Atlanta team dealing with key injuries still found a way to win ten playoff games last year. They were an impressive bunch who wanted even more than they got.

De’Andre Hunter and Cam Reddish should find ways to stay on the court more and add in contract extensions for Trae Young, Clint Capela, and John Collins, and you have a serious squad. Betting $100 on ATL could net $3500 should they hoist the Larry OB.

Evan Mobley Rookie of the Year: +800

The rookie of the year race in the NBA will be a lot of fun. Most bets will probably lean towards Jalen Green and/or Cade Cunningham, but they are not the only ones in the running. The newest Cavalier projects to play a key role from opening night, so do not let Evan Mobley’s name slip out of the hunt.

He is going to have an incredible year, and the fact he will go between two positions means he can get maximum opportunities. He will eventually play more minutes than Lauri Markkanen, projected to be the team’s first big off the pine. And if Kevin Love is moved at some point, even more chances will present themselves.

Mobley can shoot the three. He will become a shot-blocking machine. His rebounding is going to help a lot, as he could potentially average a double-double.

L.A. Clippers To Win West: +750

Just like the Hawks, L.A. was disappointed by how last year ended. The Kawhi Leonard injury likely cost them a chance at a berth in the finals. They should have been able to beat Phoenix, but they missed him tremendously.

If the team can make it to the postseason and Leonard returns, they might be unstoppable. They didn’t lose any major pieces from a season ago, and they brought in Eric Bledsoe. He’ll instantly make an impact on D, though a little below the level they got from Pat Bev.

Paul George as the #1 option is something everyone should get behind. He lit it up in OKC a few years back. This year should be no different from that.

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