The Most Memorable NBA All-Star Weekend Moments

The Most Memorable NBA All-Star Weekend Moments

Cole Paganelli
2 years ago
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The Most Memorable NBA All-Star Weekend Moments

With all of the talent the NBA has ever seen, there have been so many great All-Star Weekend moments.

A lot of what you see during All-Star Weekend is what you’d never see in a regular game. Here are some of the moments that stand out!

Vince Carter’s Iconic Dunk Contest

Dunk Contest and Vince Carter are synonymous. When you think of a Dunk Contest, you think of Vince Carter. It’s as simple as that.

Carter started the 2000 festivities with a 360 windmill right out of the gate, defying every bit of physics in the process. 

If you thought one 360 windmill was amazing, well VC had another one for you, as he started from behind the basket before winding into it. The beauty of this one is that he didn’t get a running start into this one, so he had no momentum to give him that extra boost.

His third dunk involved him getting a running start to the rim without the ball in his hands, as he got the bounce pass from then-teammate and cousin Tracy McGrady and put the ball between his legs for the finish, which prompted his infamous “it’s over” gesture.

To cap off the night, he stuck his right arm all the way through the hoop up to his elbow, giving it a “honey-jar” look to essentially quiet the crowd and leave them in awe.

The beauty of his performance is that absolutely none of this was planned on Carter’s end, as he earned the nickname “Half-Man, Half-Amazing” following his iconic performance.

LeBron James Becomes Youngest to Win All-Star MVP

LeBron James became the youngest player to ever win the All-Star Game MVP in 2006, back when he was barely old enough to buy a drink in the United States.

James finished his second All-Star Game with 29 points, as the Eastern Conference edged out the Western Conference 122-120.

Kobe Bryant Wins MVP in Hometown in 2002

Kobe Bryant was partially raised in Philadelphia, but instead of being greeted as the hometown kid, he was booed throughout the game, as his Los Angeles Lakers defeated the 76ers in the NBA Finals a year before.

"I was pretty upset, pretty upset. Pretty hurt," Bryant said. "I just wanted to go out there and just play, just play hard."

Play hard he did, as he finished the game with 31 points and five assists.

Aaron Gordon, Zach LaVine Battle it Out in Dunk Contest

Vince Carter may have the best all-time dunk contest performance, but in terms of an actual contest, Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine may have headlined the best head-to-head performance in dunk contest history.

Gordon had a couple of dunks over the Orlando Magic’s mascot, which included putting the ball underneath his legs before the finish, as he appeared to sit in mid-air.

However, LaVine had three incredible dunks from the free-throw line, as he leaped from there to finish an alley-oop attempt from then-teammate Andre Miller and finished windmill and between the legs dunks that started at the charity stripe.

LaVine was the clear winner in this one, but in any other year, Gordon could’ve stolen the contest with ease given his performance.

Shaq & Kobe Share All-Star MVP Honors in 2009

Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant had an infamous falling out following their run as Lakers teammates.

Bryant put up 27 points and O’Neal had 17, as Bryant admitted that Phil Jackson drew up a couple of plays to have them play a two-man game again.

This would ultimately help serve as a great first step to help the former dynamic duo to reconcile their relationship.

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