The Sports Parlor Podcast: Episode 23 NBA All Star Recap

The Sports Parlor Podcast: Episode 23 NBA All Star Recap

2 years ago
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On Episode 23 of The Sports Parlor Podcast presented by betJACK, Nick Pedone tackles the topics of All Star Weekend. Starting with how well Cleveland handled the weekend and why it is time to put some respect on the city of Cleveland and all the people who work hard to put these mega events on.

He also talks about the clunker of a dunk contest and why he's concerned about the current state of the NBA All-Star Dunk contest. Nick mentions that he's primarily worried that every dunk has been done.

Then, he moves to the flirtfest known as the All Star Game and the prospect of Lebron coming home to play with the Cavs for one final time after Team LeBron was able to take down Team KD. Lebron hit the game winner with the Elam Ending to win it for his team 163-160. He details the timeline of Lebron's flirty events and timeline in depth on the Sports Parlor Podcast.

It's an action packed episode, so don't miss this week's episode of The Sports Parlor to get yourself recapped on all the craziness that All Star Weekend brought to our great city.

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